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Friday, May 22, 2009

Its Celebration Time!

Hello folks! Hope you are enjoying the moment – live for the moment – kya pata, kal ho na ho?

Anyways, this post is to mark the start of a new year – yes, today is the birthday of Thus Spake Tan! and along with it, it marks the anniversary of me as a blogger too. This was the day when I created this blog and posted my first post. I still remember that time. It was no different from the present – only that there has been a gap of two years in between.

Starting from today, you will see a new blog here. I have changed the template and have removed a few things and added a few more for the convenience of my readers and the convenience of browsers too. New features include:

- A new header, which will be changed periodically.
- A Linkbar at the top, with most important links that can be related to my blog.
- The new template has three columns – hence, there will be separate places to post separate information.
- The long list of blogs can be kept without much change in the blog and hence, all my friendly blogs will be at arm’s length every time I or my readers want to access.
- More writing area – ability to put more things in a single page! Etc…

115 posts in 2 years is not bad – what do you say? I learnt a lot – I shared a lot – I read a lot and of course, I wrote a lot too. Last two years were the first two years of my blogging. I enjoyed the time thoroughly. I hope my aim as a blogger was accomplished – at least in parts. I am happy to get all your support and will need the same in future too. I thank all of you for reading me and supporting me.

So, keep reading me – and keep enjoying the time. Did you like this new look? Any suggestions? Any thoughts on this post? Comment Box is open to all :)


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Bhargav Saikia Friday, May 22, 2009  

Congratulations Tan! I like your new template :) Looking forward to read your writings regularly from now!

Good luck!

Princess Sonshu Friday, May 22, 2009  


Keep it up! Keep going!!!

Anonymous,  Friday, May 22, 2009  

congrats Tan !! btw ur sign looks like a blood dripping dagger :P !! or maybe my thought after Terror Friday at lounge :)

Aarthi Friday, May 22, 2009  

Hey Tan dada,

Congratulations... :)
Happy Budday to both of you!!

I liked the new look and I actually loved the header!! :)

Will keep reading you regularly from now! :)

All the best! Take care!



yamini meduri Friday, May 22, 2009  

Happy Birthday To your blog Tan..!!

May you celebrate many more this way and write everythign that u can..!!!

I think this is my first time here...so no sugestions abt the new look...but i liked it..!!!

Rock on man.....you will be defly read...as u r blogrolled..!!!

Anonymous,  Friday, May 22, 2009  

Hey bro.. nice layout and happy wishes on your's and your blog's 2nd anni:) ... Expecting more years to come.. insha allah :)

mysterious gal Friday, May 22, 2009  

wow lovely template, header, the look and everything and wow 2 years...great journey...Happy Birthday to ur Blog and congrats to u!

Keep writing

Entertainer Friday, May 22, 2009  

congratz ...lookin forward..

Patty Friday, May 22, 2009  

Congratulations on your 1 year Anniversary for this blog. Have a wonderful week-end which is right around the corner.

roshwrites Friday, May 22, 2009  

I like the template now! Very nice :)
Congrats on your 2 year anniversary Tan!

Tan Saturday, May 23, 2009  

Thanks Bhargav, thanks for following the blog. Now, that it has a new look, it will have more new posts too :)

Thanks Sonshu for the visit! Its not One year though - Thus Spake Tan has completed 2 years now...

Thanks Pratibha... the sign is a different one I made long ago - thought I should use it once here :P

Aarthi, I spent lot of time in making the header. I am not much designer like others at the WL, but tried my best. Thanks for following my blog :)

Yamini, the old look was fine. I spent long hours in coding the old blog. A lot of things were there, even before Google and other sites came up with the widgets. Those are gone now. But I hope, the new template will be liked too. Keep reading and thanks for Blog rolling me :)

Hey Nusrath, thanks for the visit. The header will keep changing depending upon the time and situation. But this one, will be the base - always! Keep reading :)

Thanks Entertainer - thanks for the visit.

Hey Patty,
Long time you came here! Well, its just the second year and not 1 year - but anyways - thanks for coming all the way down to wish me. Keep reading, as you always do :)

Roshni, thanks for the visit. Keep reading and visiting Thus Spake Tan!

roshwrites Saturday, May 23, 2009  

I like the template now! Very nice :)
Congrats on your 2 year anniversary Tan!

PS my last comment takes you to another website!! So I wrote it again!

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