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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The World of Indian Ads

The advertisements have been a major catalyst in reaching out to the mass and an integral part of a growing business. Media has been targeted since the inception of advertisements. Newspaper and printed media, radio, television and mass events are seen to display catchy ads all over them. The latest form of ads that we come across in our everyday life is the ads that we see on blogs and websites. These days, the ads have been accommodated in the time we spend for reading newspaper, watching television or listening to the radio or even while browsing through the internet. The world of ads is swelling and at a fast rate.

We come across ads for almost all types of products that we know, such as fast moving consumer goods, entertainment, cars, motorbikes, food, real estate, drinks and everything else. For a long time, the FMCG industry was dominating the advertisers; however, the other industries have started showing interest recently and have started investing heavily on this.

The primitive advertisement bearers were the newspapers and other print media. Slowly the radio transmitters came and shared the load. When television hit the Indian market in early 80’s a good amount of advertisements were transferred on its shoulders. Television by far is the fasted way to reach out to the mass and hence it is still the leading medium for advertisements and the manufacturers of the advertised products. High definition printing has also helped the print media to attract a lot of advertisers. The huge billboards that we see on the streets were possible only after recent developments in the printing technology which proved to be a boon to the print media.

The ads we see on the internet which are displayed on every blog and website that we follow or browse through are the latest invention and the internet is getting cluttered too with ads all over it. This is a cheap way of advertisement and the returns are also good for the manufacturers as well as the advertisers and publishers of these ads. The internet ads provide a win-win environment for all that are involved and hence, they are getting more attention and preference these days.

The ads and the media that are chosen depend on the target customer, on the positioning of the product and the extent of impact that the advertisers want to put. Not all ads come in all the channels – some are seen in newspaper and some are seen to dominate the radio and are never displayed on television. The choice remains with the advertisers and as long as the publisher is ready to publish these ads, in the way they want. But whatever said and done, the world of advertisements is growing and is growing at a vigorous rate. Let us just keep a watch over this business; it certainly has a lot to offer.

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