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Specialization is for Insects

Robert A Heinlein
(American science-fiction writer,1907-1988)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

An eventful year

A year went by and I grew older, stronger, more learned and more experienced. Yes, there is no doubt that I had gone through a lot of changes in the previous year and it is not bad to think of the good things first. There is a long list of good things that has happened in the last year and I would definitely see this as a year of achievements; big and small – the point here is that there were some achievements to talk about.

Firstly, a new house - our first owned house has materialized this year. It came out right from the dreams and now we are living in it. I am happy. There were lots of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ in the realization of this dream, but the truth is that we have our own house now and we are staying in it. Not many in my age can say that and I am happy for it.

Secondly, the new job! I have joined Genpact recently, after more than four and half years in Hewlett Packard. The role of a Business Analyst here is quite challenging and interesting and I already like the work here. These are initial days, I agree, but the little knowledge that I have obtained about the process, the role, the deliverables and the expectations that the organization has from me are admirable – truly. I have got a good start and I wish to take this far as I learn and grow here. I believe, this is (at last) something that I should be doing.

There were so many other small things that happened in the year that has gone by – may be I should have already blogged about them. Those have helped me and have assisted me in my journey and will, hopefully assist in the future too. There were many more good things, to think about the bad events now. All I can say is that I am happy with all that has happened last year, as I look back.

Yes! Today is my birthday!

I realize now, how important is it to grow up and when you grow up, how important is it to keep growing up! Ha ha ha… ya, I’m confusing you again. But that is one thing, I learnt recently. There are times you need to think out of your own dominion and make some hard decisions. Once decided, you need to stick to it and whoever has done so, has won!

And before I finish, let me congratulate myself and the entire nation, for being Second in the Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010 medal tally. The best performance so far, with 38 Golds and 101 medals overall is just awesome! My cheers go to the Indian Cricket team too, for overwhelming the awful Aussies and winning both the tests and throwing them to the number 5 position in test ranks and retaining our number 1 position. The God we see, Sachin Tendulkar is back to number one Test Batsman position after scoring a double hundred (for the second time in this year) in the last test and completing 14000 test runs. Quite a happening year for him and Indian Cricket Team too.

Let me finish this by telling that I do not have much access to the web these days. So, I am not able to write regularly. But I will come back, for this is where I can be myself. Thanks for your patience. Have a nice time and just enjoy each moment in your life; for these tiny moments together make what we call life!

Lots to do...

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Anonymous,  Tuesday, October 19, 2010  

im so happy you wrote after a long time. wish u a very happy birthday and congrats on all your achievements. god bless..

Patty Friday, October 22, 2010  

Dear Tan, Happy Belated Birthday, my husband and I both have birthdays this month. He'll be 76 on Oct. 25, and I'll be 74 on Oct. 27. Congratulations on owning your new home and congratulations on your new job. Sounds like you have grown up a lot this past year. Thanks for your visit.

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