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Robert A Heinlein
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Name is Khan - a review

Watched Shah Rukh Khan’s 'My Name is Khan' yesterday and only one thing came to mind – Forrest Gump! Well, that by far the best English movie I saw and I could so relate to the awesome dialogue in that movie: My Name is Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump!

MNIK is a movie of its own color. India is shining – at least Bollywood is! I liked the movie. We liked the movie. The way SRK acted in MNIK tells me he has much more to offer. Well, there is no movie of his that I can say I do not like. I have not seen only one film that he has acted in and that is ‘Hey Ram’ – the Kamal Hashan movie. Apart from that, every other movie that he has done is there in my watched list. He is growing as an actor. He is almost ready to take the highest post in Indian cinema. Well, I do not compare him with Amitabh Bachhan or Dilip Kumar or anyone else – not even Aamir Khan, as Aamir is in such a realm which is untouchable. My friends would remember me telling, “Rehman, Sachin and Aamir cannot be compared. The list starts after them.” Its true to the core. But SRK has shown time and again that he has the mettle to be the best and he is done it again in MNIK.

Watch the movie people. Listen to what he says about Islam. Understand what he meant by two types of people – Good and Bad. Understand what he said about Namaz. Islam is a path of love, happiness and sacrifice – not killings, assaulting and that atrocious word ‘Jehad.’ People around the world should know what it is made of – its made of only two kinds of people – Good and Bad – you may be a Christian, Hindu, Jew, Muslim or Buddhist or anything else by religion but your Karma will tell whether you are good or bad. A good person is always a good person, whether he is in Afghanistan or in a hot air balloon or suffering from AIDS or playing Hockey. You would or can only be either a good or bad man. It is that tough to understand and that simple to be!

Anyways, before I close for today, would like to mention about NDTV Greenathon. WOW NDTV! What an initiative! This is the second year in a row where NDTV is engaging as many people as possible to light up some remote villages of the country. I love you all people, whoever has taken the pledge or have donated. I am sure the total contribution will surpass 3 Crores and much more. Best of luck people! Last year, NDTV Greenathon helped light up 55 villages across the nation. This year too, the noble cause continues with many more villages being adopted for a better tomorrow. So far 118 villages have been lit up. To know more about it, please check NDTV Greenathon.

C’mon India! Rise and Shine!

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NEEYA ............ Saturday, March 20, 2010  

Well..,.liked the review....
What u said's the right thing....
He concieve the emotions too much..in a more broader way:"Overacting"!.He should learn from actors like nasruddeen shah!
and u missed one thing..Abt Kajol!-the acting maestro!!!

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