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Robert A Heinlein
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

My personality – birds 'I' view!

Browsing through blogs is one thing I do religiously and more often. I often tumble on blogs that have something different information and try to understand and focus on the same. Today, while browsing through a blog, I got the following information.

It tells your personality based on various things, like First Letter of your name, the month in which you were born etc. I just read what was appropriate for me and would like to share the same with you all. People, who tag me to write different things about me and all, can have a look into this. You will know a lot about me.

I am not sure how they have deduced all these, but it matches a lot of characteristics that I personally boast on.

Disclaimer: I am really ignorant of the mechanism to construe all these
information. I just want to share what I read so that you also know about the
same. Please do not make judgment on this basis. I have not – you too, do not!


Does your name begin with: T?

You are very sensitive, private & sometimes very passive. You like someone who takes the lead. Music, soft lights & romantic thoughts turn you on. You fantasize & tend to fall in & out of love soon. When in love you are romantic, idealistic & mushy. You enjoy having your senses & your feelings stimulated, titillated & teased. You are a great flirt. You can make your relationships fit your dreams, all in your own head. Once you put your mind to something you manage to stand by it and see your dreams through. You aren't very good at expressing your feelings. You like things your own way. You do not like change; you like to hold on to things. This may not always be good because if given an opportunity things may develop into great things. You work your way to the top. Attention must be given to what others say because even though you don't want to hear it their advice may turn out to save your life.



Loves to chat Loves those who loves him/her Loves to takes things at the center Attractive and suave Inner and physical beauty Does not lie or pretend Sympathetic Treats friends importantly Always making friends Easily hurt but recovers easily Bad tempered Selfish Seldom helps unless asked Daydreamer Very opinionated Does not care of what others think Emotional Decisive Strong clairvoyance Loves to travel, the arts and literature Soft-spoken, loving and caring Romantic Touchy and easily jealous Concerned Loves outdoors Just and fair Spendthrift and easily influenced Easily lose confidence.


October 14th - October 23rd = SILVER

You are imaginative and shy, but you like trying new things. You like to challenge yourself. You learn things easily, and like "Hard to get". Your love life is normally hard and confusing.



These persons are considered to be intelligent but never think. These people change their ideas & views as fast as the wind changes its direction of flow. They never think whether that particular thing is right or wrong. You can win them just by flattering them.

These persons are very kind hearted, can adjust themselves to any environment & to the person they are talking. These persons are very firm on their views & posses a lot of will power.

I know a few of you would be interested in getting to know all these about yourself and would like to know where I got this information from. If so, please visit this link to know about your own personality – Orangy.in!

PS: Excuse any grammatical error (if any)!

3 Thoughts on this post...:

nituscorner Thursday, June 25, 2009  

interesting !! how do i find out mine ???

Tan Thursday, June 25, 2009  

@ Nitu,

I thought of putting the information to find your own at the top - then, on second thougths, I thought of putting it at the last, where people will get it only if they read the whole post or scroll down directly... :P It seems you have done none, before commenting...

Dhara porechhe!!! :P :P

Scroll down Ma'am and check the last part of the post. There is a link to the original blog...

Patty Friday, June 26, 2009  

Very interesting. I will have to blog over to the site and take a look. Thanks for sharing.

I wonder if your close friends think what you found sounds like you?

Hot here today, it is now 92F and no breeze, high humidity, so in other words, it's pretty miserable out there. I pity the men who have to work on the roads, laying pavement today.

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