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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trail of Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab – A joke!

Who do you trial? Who does this? What is this all about? Is this playing with justice or is it just a mockery of the whole thing? Well, there are lots of questions and I find very less of answers to all these.

Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab is the only survivor from the pack of Pakistani terrorists who attacked Mumbai on November 26, 2008 (better known as 26/11). He was captured while he was on a rampage killing scores of people and injuring hundreds, on that dreadful night in Mumbai. There was a lot of fuss in the last few months about him being a Pakistani or his age to be prosecuted in an adult court or with his captivity. Recently, the long awaited trial started and everyone is waiting to see what the court will decide on his fate.


What is there to decide? Hang him!! Simple…

Well, I do not want to hang him without getting all the information from him and only after proving that the attackers were all from Pakistan and the whole incident was built up by the Pakistani Army, Government and LeT. Once we prove that and bring it in front of the world, we can very well start the response by slaughtering his throat! Is not it?

One would laugh when I will tell that, days before Kasab was taken to the court, he asked for a few ‘very important’ things in life. He wanted to read a Urdu NEWSPAPER every day morning (along with his bed tea and toast, I suppose). He wanted to have flavored TOOTHPASTE. He wanted to have a STROLL in the lobby in the jail where he was kept. These were his humble demands while he was in jail! Maybe next time, he will ask for Chicken Tikka Masala from Taj Restaurant; and I am sure there will be some hard core professionals (like the defense lawyer who decided to work with Kasab, after having a long time career with underworld) who would ‘think’ about providing this humble man with these modest necessities!

Why don’t we just shoot him???

I asked the same on twitter and a few replied that we are supposed to be cultured and rational human beings and hence, we do not do that! How good is that? You come to my house, beat me up, take my belongings and I remain indifferent to all these and smile – as because I am cultured and rational? Oh! I just laughed at those responses.

Anyways, I am waiting for the final judgment on Kasab. There are some 86 cases filed against him, I believe. I really think people in India has very less work to do now (thanks to recession) that they sit down and thing of all the cases that could be filed against this man! Hehe… rational bunch of nincompoops!

This is one of the reasons that
Air France treats our passengers like cattle and Andy Bichel (the old Aussie Pacer) could address Agarkar as ‘bloody Indian’ – still in 2009!! Call that rational and show more humanity and some historic culture!

Let’s see what the court says – for I just do not want to say anything else right now. Let the court decide, and once decided we can see it ourselves. I hope we have not forgotten those sleepless nights and hours of terror.

Kasab is lucky, that he killed Indians and not Americans. Else, there would have been an Iraq or an Afghanistan by now in the country of ‘purity’ – Pakistan! (lol)

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3 Thoughts on this post...:

Rakesh Vanamali Thursday, May 14, 2009  

Of course, this is a joke! I mean, how sickeningly slow and dogged can we get? I wonder if we are paving the way for another Indian airliner to be hijacked!

Rose Friday, May 15, 2009  

actually the wastage of Indian resources da!
Simple hang him, I dont know why this is taking so much of thinkin!!

And you forgot to mention--He takes only LEMON TEA, nothin' else!

Tan Saturday, May 23, 2009  

Rakesh. I hope your words come untrue and we do not see anything like that again! We have had enough, isnt it? Keep the hopes high... a new government (of course with OLD people) has sworn in the last evening - hope to see a better India from tomorrow :)

Rose, that LEMON TEA was news to me - and probably is another showpiece of our hospitality! God knows where India is going...

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