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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tagged: 10 things about me:

Well, this is the first time I am writing something like this. I have come across tags and all earlier too, and a few of my blog friends have invited me to write something like this, months ago. I never felt the need of writing this and never actually let myself tagged.

Recently, a new blog friend, Ms. R. tagged me too and in that she asked to write 10 things about me. 10 things that others do not know. 10 things about me that are exclusive. For some reason, I thought I should write these 10 things and here am I, writing it at last. This will give me an opportunity to look inside myself – a small introspect – just 10 things. A good way to think about myself – a good way to take out some time exclusively for me.

I have seen that there is a system of tagging others, when you get tagged. Well, it would mean not much if I take out some names and tag them. I would suggest everyone who reads this to consider himself/herself being tagged by me and feel free to write 10 things about themselves. I hope this will be fun.

Enough! Lets do it now. Here are the 10 things I could think of:

1. I am a dreamer too. I like not people know about it and I do not hype about the same; but I love to dream about good old days and probable future glory. Sometimes, I daydream too!

2. I love myself a lot. Sometimes, I feel I tend to be selfish and eccentric and I care only about myself. Somehow, I am attracted to the one liner, “G--- M----- Duniya, Hum bajaye Harmonia.”

3. I like to cover my faults. Yes, I do! There were many instances where I faltered facts to hide my mistake; which in turn made me commit more mistakes!

4. I give in more easily to a new relationship. That means, I trust people more easily and often get hurt for the same. However, it is not true where it should be! One of my friends told my wife, “He has more time for strangers, rather than a little time for people who care for him.” At times, I feel it’s true.

5. I am too much critical about myself, at times. My friends ask me not to be so; but then, it happens so, that I cannot avoid being that. So much so! Strange!

6. I am very interested to learn new things – whatever new it is. I am a fast learner too. However, I am not a very good retainer. That means, I do not continue with new things for a long time and I lose interest whenever I feel I am not getting anything in return. God knows what I want in return of learning a new thing!

7. I am a hypocrite. At times, it is tough to stand by your ideology or by your own thoughts and I do not take a long time to come out of it and run my life as I want to. That’s what I call hypocrisy.

8. I have a few ideas about life – how to lead it – how to take myself forward. Most of the times, I tend to make people around me to live life the way I want to. This is so not good for anyone – neither for me, nor for those who stay near me. I tend to load them with my ideas and when they refuse, I get mad! Authoritative!

9. I am sensitive and emotional. More like girls (:P) and I get hurt easily and instantaneously. When I get hurt or things do not go the way I want, I get into some kind of defensive shell and sulk.

10. I have a philosophy, which I used to practice a lot when I was in college – now, it has become a habit, I suppose, as it occurs automatically without any effort. It goes like this: “Be good; do good; and when you cannot, pretend to be good.”

Well, these are the 10 things I thought of. My request to you would be not to relate to these when we interact. I am not much predictable, as I do not know myself much too. The things I wrote are true and are to the best of my knowledge. People coming closer will know more of me and then can judge – not before that.

A few more things:

1. I do not use the word ‘hate’ – I replace that with dislike. There can only be two things – like or dislike. There cannot be things you ‘hate’ – that is too hard and harsh a word to use.

2. I like new concepts and try to get into the root of the same.

3. I like to discuss things – and look forward to positive interactions. Many a times when I argue, I want to know the facts rather than to win the argument. At times, I get fuming on small things I argue on and I forget where and to whom I am arguing – that brings lot of chaos – trust me!

4. I have a tough rebel inside me. Things that do not make sense to me are often asked questions. I like to bring out my thoughts on an issue and look towards getting a righteous verdict.

5. I love my wife the most and all what I do and have been doing since childhood is for her. Well, that is a big statement; but, I try to stand by it always. She can tell you better about it.

If you think there are many more things about me, other than these 15, you are right. Yes, there are many and I am sure everyone else has the same. So, to know more, you need to know me more – as Tan, as Tanmoy or as whomever you want me to be.

Phew! Chuck it!

I am happy that I wrote these and now, I feel a bit lighter… Thanks to you for reading all these and thanks to Ms. R. for provoking me to write so…

8 Thoughts on this post...:

Patty Wednesday, May 27, 2009  

You revealed a lot about yourself. Now your wife needs to write ten things about you.

Like you new layout design. By the way, I also don't like the word hate, I always tell the youngest granddaughter, you don't hate that person or you don't hate that food, you might not like them or it, but hate is a very harsh word.

Just like I try not to use the word ugly or homely. I say they aren't as attractive as some, but I don't think I have ever really seen an ugly person.

I guess I'm an full of optimism. Have a good day.

nituscorner Thursday, May 28, 2009  

that was interesting getting to know you tan....i think u still missed out some things. lol!!!!

Tan Friday, May 29, 2009  

Thanks a Lot Patty, for reading me and for understanding... I wrote what I believed is true ... It was long time I did not do this... I think this is a good exercise..

I'm optimistic too :)

Tan Friday, May 29, 2009  

Hey Nitu,
Thanks for the read... I have missed out on lot of things here... and I admit that whole heartedly...
As I said, my friends would know more of these - so you do :)
Thanks... :P

Babli Friday, May 29, 2009  

You have written very beautifully about yourself and its really nice to know more and more about you. Awaiting for your next post.

Tan Saturday, May 30, 2009  

Thanks a lot Urmi a.k.a. Babli... Keep reading and keep enjoying!

shama Sunday, May 31, 2009  

Well, my comments r being rejected...shows some error..

Tan Thursday, June 04, 2009  

I have no idea Shama why this is so... Please check with other blogs and if you find the error recurring, report it to Google, if you can...

Thanks for reading me :)

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