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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

List three: things I need to do!

I am writing this as prompted in Heads Or Tails, week # 85.

Three things I need to do as soon as I can. I will list all these three here. These are all real, and hence, I am posting this list here. Check out mates:

1. Well, I just came from a weekend trip to Masinagudi in Madumalai Forests, in Tamil Nadu with a group of my office and my wife. I need to write about the whole tour. Need to collate the pictures and upload in Picasa too.
2. I recently got a couple of awards in The Writers Lounge, for excellence in writing. Well, I need to write about that and post them here. Will do that at the earliest.
3. I need to pay my Insurance Premium and Friday is the due date. I do not know how to do that, as I will be mostly equipped in the day time (sleeping) and at night, in office!

These are the three things that came to my mind. I need to do a lot of other things too. I need to repair the fan in my bedroom. Bangalore is getting hot with each day now. I need to stitch a few dresses for my wife and a pant for myself – the New Year is coming and it’s in the next week. So, I need to hurry for that. Today was my father’s birthday. (Yesterday, as per Bengali calendar) I called him, but he reacted all wrongly and similarly did my mother. Well, I need to call them up again and patch up. I need to call my wife’s father too, as they are going to come to Bangalore and I need to arrange things. Hmm! That’s a hell lot of things that are there to be done, but I have listed the first three that came to my mind.

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Karen Wednesday, April 08, 2009  

Wow, you have a lot to do. Get going! Just kidding.

Skittles Wednesday, April 08, 2009  

It's strange how another vacation is needed after another vacation to catch up on everything. Same thing happens to me.

Congratulations on your award!

I hope you can patch things up. Family is so important. Even when they're wrong. (Smile.)

I'm glad you could play this week.

SweetTalkingGuy.. Wednesday, April 08, 2009  

Hi Tan, Phew, you sound busy!!

Patty Wednesday, April 08, 2009  

You certainly have a lot of chores to accomplish. Good luck with getting them all done.

Tumblewords: Wednesday, April 08, 2009  

Lots to do! But it sounds like you have some fun mixed in there and a little bit of vacation behind you...good luck!

Tan Wednesday, April 08, 2009  

@ Karen

I need to mate... I've almost started to follow up now... just a few more days, and I should be fine and up to date ;)

@ Skittles

You said it, Boss! Thats exactly what I find after each vacation... probably this time, I will get enough time to cover up...


I want to be busy mate, just that I dont find enough time to get busy... lol ...

@ Patty

Thanks for the wishes, Ma'am... Will try my best to complete each one... fingers crossed!!

@ Tumblewords

I have a little bit of vacation coming my way too... 9 days would be enough to catch up with all I want to do ... I have too much backlog, you see . .. :) :) :)

Thanks for visiting ... take care!!

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