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Thursday, March 17, 2016

What's wrong with this guy?

[3/17, 2:56 AM] Tan 💖:
Today, I was talking to a guy, about 26 years old, from UP, working in HP for last 2 years, an engineering graduate, rearing to do MBA, who's all over his office festival, key member of his college groups and arranges outings & events for both office & friends, is very fit - runs in gym continuously for over an hour - and is always ready to help, is polite, humble & obedient to family, friends & employers.

However, when I was talking to him, I found out that he does not know about Bofors issue, India's Nuclear Deal with America, World Wars, Gulf War, Kargil war, America's war in Iraq & Afghanistan & even Saddam Hussein! All that he told me is that Osama is not dead & is still loitering around at some place identified by someone, sometime ago.

He doesn't know who won the World Cup Cricket a couple of years ago. Interest नहीं है. Neither in sports, and obviously nor in politics or history.

He assured me he knows everything about Mahabharat. So I asked, who had 100 sons (to follow up with the real question, who else?) He replied, Draupadi...

That's when I bid him good night and left for a cigarette.

Is this actually the case with our education today? I really felt terrible after talking to him.

Just wanted to share with you guys, because we have spent some time together, learning new things. And I'm so damn sad with this situation. Was this लाखों लोगों में एक लड़का, या फिर there are more like this in this generation? And who represents them? Rahul Gandhi? No wonder!!


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