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Robert A Heinlein
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Agartala Shining

After almost two years, today is my first day in Agartala. I came here with my family – my wife and my 5 months and 27 days old son. Last time we went, we were the two of us – this time, when we return we are three!

He had his first airplane ride today – I had mine when I was about 7 years old, and I know many people who have never experienced this yet! Well, so much for the modern age kid.

There was one more thing to be noticed – my first airborne ride was departing from Agartala and his first one has been arriving at Agartala. Hmmm…

So, the first chance I got to get into the streets of Agartala, I jumped into it. The road trip included ride in an auto rickshaw, a man-pulled rickshaw and the most part of it on foot.

The recent visit by the president of India has left its effects on the roads and the roadsides. They are still exceptional – at least far better that what we are used to see in Agartala.

There are many changes – huge shopping complexes, wide roads, lot more cars and parking space for them along the roads. I felt there were not many people on the roads today; probably because it’s a working day here.

The roads were dampened by the morning rain. So, it was cooler outside – unlike the back burning scorching heat that the people here are experiencing these days.

The best thing of this place, is everyone speaks my language! Can you believe this? I found myself turning head twice, when I heard the passerby speaking in the Agartala Bengali – the local language, only to realize a moment later that everyone here is speaking the same language – my language! This is actually a habit that has developed while being in Bangalore for last 9 years!

Well, the day also had Duck Egg Rolls, Alu (Potato) & Chicken Chops from Post Office Choumuhani in the menu. Awesome it was.
Well, tomorrow is wife’s day out. So, I will stay with the little one.

Hope we are in for a good trip ahead. Looking forward to the rest of the days…


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