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“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly.
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Robert A Heinlein
(American science-fiction writer,1907-1988)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ancient Aliens – truth or lie

Ancient Aliens is a series of documentaries created and broadcasted by the History Channel. Have you seen any of the episodes? Well, the facts and evidences provided in there are unbelievable and mindboggling. The idea behind the series is to try and prove if aliens exist and if they have a dominant impact on us being what we are today. The research is based on the Ancient Astronauts Theory that came forth some years ago.
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I got attracted to the series, which spreads over a few seasons and multiple episodes now, after Maitri told me about one of the episodes she saw on TV, the other day. She was very excited about what they showed and the way she described it to me, made me jump – I was thrilled too. The next time I could get on to internet, I hit YouTube and searched for the series and to my astonishment, I found the episode one of the first season too. I watched 4 episodes and I was ecstatic.

There was a huge amount of research vividly gone in making of the documentaries. I could see historians, archeologists, scientists, authors, publishers and many others getting involved. Their hard work and months/years of research went in that. Tremendous work! Only a group of incredible human beings, with lot of passion for what they do could have made this possible and they did make it possible. The sources, proofs and evidences that they provided will definitely make you think – were there Aliens who visited the Earth years ago?

When I was watching the episodes, I had these three questions in mind (among a lot many):
  1. Are we Aliens?
  2. Is the Moon an Alien post/satellite?
  3. Are we being watched, by these Aliens?

These sound stupid questions, but one might tend to ask these when they watch the episodes of Ancient Aliens. These questions looked silly and brainless to me too. So, I went on to read a few things and while doing so, I stumbled across a blog comment, where the commentator was suggesting to watch the (documentary) movie ‘Ancient Aliens Debunked’ before actually believing whatever was shown in the initial episodes. This was a suspicious comment and I paid no heed, until when I reached to the episode 4 of season 1. In the very beginning, in the fifth minute or so, there was a mention of Mahabharata and the Bhagavat Gita and the narrator said that these literatures were talking about the life of King Rama! How weird! How can such an incredible team of researchers do such an elementary mistake? Then I remembered that in the previous episodes also, I have heard a few times about the same.

Wait a minute! What was that movie called?

I searched for ‘Ancient Aliens Debunked’ and found the movie, their website and people talking about this. I watched the entire movie at one go! How true – as I went past each of the parts of that movie, I heard myself saying this – how true!

Well, this movie proved almost all the analogies provided by Team Ancient Aliens as wrong! They provided anti-evidences, if I could call the evidences they provided so, to oppose the ones provided by the first group of people who made me get into this, at the first place.

Now, my question is not about who lied – the Ancient Aliens team or the movie team, who tried to expose the former. As the professor at the end of the movie rightly questions if we are in a position to say that they are wrong when we see the program on TV? Do we have the appropriate knowledge of ancient civilizations, their customs, costumes, writings, architecture, engineering, eating and sleeping habits? NO! I do not have such knowledge of any race – not even my own – at least not to that extent which is needed to say, “Yes, you are right” or “No, you are wrong.”

My question is: Why do we become slaves of people who look to be or are actually more talented, knowledgeable, smart and educated than us? Whatever they say, we tend to believe at the first place. Do we question? We do not!

There are thousands of reasons (mostly fear) because of which we do not questions things told by our elders, teachers, bosses and even so called spiritual gurus. We would ask them why only if we have at least the basic idea of the topic they are talking about. And that would require us to have basic knowledge of almost everything under the Sun!

Again, does not that again prove that the quote by Robert Heinlein on top of my blog, is right? Yes, he is! I just love this quote – does not matter whether aliens are there or not :)

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Anonymous,  Sunday, June 23, 2013  

I fully agree with the idea underneath : We are 200% manipulated by media. This is why instead of following anyone advise (media, political, false scientist, extreme religions) we all need to wonder : Do I make the right choice, is it fair. We need to be aware of what we do, everyday.

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