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Robert A Heinlein
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Water problem in our apartment

There is no water today. There was no water yesterday, almost for the entire day. Not only in our flat, but this situation is also present in all of the flats in the apartment. It has been like this for some days now. At times, water would come flowing and then the taps will get dried up.

I talked with the supervisors here. They said work is going on and showed me a group of people working. They also added that the motor was conked out and it would take about 30 minutes to get it to working.

I was a little more curious and I was strolled down to talk to those who were working on the motor. They surprised me, when they said that they are checking if there is water in the bore well! They said that it is a possibility that there is no water, and the water level might have gone down and hence, the motor is not able to pull the water up to the tanks on the terrace. They are checking the water level and then, they might start pulling water to the tanks situated near that place, in the basement. May be from there, another pump will pull water to the overhead tanks!

I asked them how this happened. They were smiling. They said the well was not dug as much as it should have been...

If whatever they said is TRUE, then we are in huge problem. This is not a temporary problem that can be solved without digging further into the earth, to reach to a safe depth. Hope this does not turn out to be so...


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