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Robert A Heinlein
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A day in my present life…

I was going through a blog today and came across a nice article. The blogger wanted to start working out and get in shape. The article was quite long and it took a good time to complete reading it. You can also read it here.

While going through, the part where the blogger talked about a day in her life attracted me and made me write this. A day in your life – how is it? How do you spend a regular day in your life? That changes quite often and for some, I agree that it changes every month, when their shift changes in office. Anyways, it has been long that I have looked back and thought something like this – my own day. In retrospect, when I look at a working day in my life, it would be nice to know. Let’s see how much I can recollect…

I start the day at about 11 AM or earlier, as I wake up. Next two hours, is the part of the day when I LIVE at home and laze around. This includes freshening up, having breakfast, browsing the internet and watching TV at times. I would like to get up and go to take bath at 1 PM, but recently, I cannot think of a day when I was able to do that. I end up leaving the computer seat by 1:30 and get into the bathroom. By 2 PM, I get dressed and almost ready for office. Within another 15 minutes, I would finish my lunch and board the cab to office. Then, till 1 AM, when I normally return home, the day slips away and the night awaits me. I get to be awake only for an hour or so, when I take dinner and watch TV, before I go to sleep. This cycle repeats when I work in this shift at office. May be things will change when I change the shift, again.

Now that I have written it all, let me read it once…

…hmm… not much happening!

I want to incorporate reading and doing some kind of freehand exercises in this regime. I want some time to write regularly too. I want some time to play on the piano and some time to just sit idle and admire the world and the happenings around me. I want some more time to… well, no point talking about that, you see. I am already running short of time!

There are many things on the cards. I hope for a better tomorrow to come – soon! Hope I will be able to make some time then and do, at least a few of the things that I want to do. Home – office – home is something that I would not have encouraged myself to do, had I been given a choice. Life has become like that and is actually a boring one.

Need to shake a leg or move a stone or two to get my life lifted to something, which I will not call a boring one… hope that happens!

I am waiting…

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