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Robert A Heinlein
(American science-fiction writer,1907-1988)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Out of site is out of mind. This is a saying from the yester years. How far is it true?

Well, it is true a lot!

The year 2011 is about to end and a brand new 2012 is peeping out of the womb of time, which passes by with each moment, and unless you have a time machine with you, 2011 will be gone forever.

This has been a good year; however, this year has brought many changes in to my life, like all the other years did. Both professionally and personally, there are so many things that happened in 2011 AD. If one opens the internet and searches for top happenings in the year, the browser will be flooded with those incidents – from Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption to Tsunami in Japan; from revolts in Libya and Egypt to Indian Win in 10th ODI Cricket World Cup.

Will we remember all these events in the coming years?

Hard to confirm that we will remember these happenings around the world which shook us when they took place! We never remembered the happenings, which were equally important and marvelous from the yester years; then, why should we remember the events that took place in 2011? What is special about this year?

We will not remember all of them, while some of them will reappear in front of our eyes and we will be coerced to pull references of these events in the future too. But, that would not reduce the importance of any of those events, will that?

Similarly, there are lots of my friends, who once were my heart beats, but are not around now – they are not near me, or in front of my eyes. They were not contacted in 2011, well, many were not! But that does not mean their importance has just disappeared! No!

In these late days into the year 2011, I remember each of my friends and recollect those wonderful moments that we passed together, that went down the memory lanes, but are still vibrant enough. I hope we will meet once, once again!

With this, let me bid goodbye to 2011. Hope we will have a better world and a ‘better me’ in the forthcoming 2012 AD. Let us welcome 2012 with all heart! Good luck to all of you, reading this and to those who could not. The world population has reached 7 Billion this year and I do hope that all of them would read what I am writing here, but it seems not plausible…

Thank you for reading me. Do not forget to share too, for we grow when we share and sharing is always caring.


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