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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A guide to touring Mumbai - 5

From there, the bus will bring you to the Juhu Beach. This is the most famous beach in Mumbai and the tourists love this spot. This is the last point and the bus driver or the guide should allot a good amount of time for this. Once done, they will drop the passengers in various parts of Mumbai, as per their individual choice. The bus trip usually ends again at the Gateway of India or the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) Railways Station at dusk or shortly after that. The view of the Gateway of India and the Taj Hotel along with the Marine Drive is heavenly at this time with all the lights up in the street. The Marine Drive is called the Queen’s Necklace at night, when all the lights in the city are switched on after sunset.

There is one more place, which is worth mentioning, situated very near to Mumbai and is a place to be – the Elephanta Caves! The Elephanta Caves along with the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus are pronounced as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. These caves are a complex set-up of ancient sculpted caves that are located on the Elephanta Island which is 10 Kilometers away from the city. There are ferries that leave from the Gateway of India and it takes about an hour to reach the island. There are 7 caves open to the public at present. Each of these caves has stone sculptures that were curved on single stones showing the various Hindu gods and goddesses. They are ancient and are of much archeological importance. Many of the broken statues from these caves were smuggled into various parts of the world and those which were rescued are kept in museums across India and other parts of the world. It will not be possible for one to cover both the Mumbai Darshan and Elephanta trip on the same day and it is advised to keep half a day’s time only for this place.

This brings us to the end of this article. After reading this guide, one should be able to enjoy a day’s trip to Mumbai and use this day effectively. Even for those, who come to Mumbai with the intention to travel and visit important places and have time in hand, this guide should come handy. It contains all the important places that one would like to visit. If you have ample time, you can spend more time in each of these above said places and take more out of your visit to Mumbai. This place has lots to offer. It has always welcomed the visitors and has given them so much that many have fallen in love with the city and decided to settle down in Mumbai. You will see people coming daily from every part of the country with a lot of hope and eyes full of dreams. Tourists from foreign strands enjoy the city life and its weather and they come back time and again. Have a happy tour and stay while you are in Mumbai, the business and entertainment capital of the incredible country of India.

This concludes the Series on Mumbai Tour. Hope you had a good time reading it. More importantly, hope this helps you when you travel Mumbai. Have a good time in the Business Capital of India and enjoy. Let me know if I have missed on something important…

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