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Monday, June 20, 2011

A guide to touring Mumbai - 4

The bus trip would start in the Gateway, as mentioned earlier and would continue through Assembly Hall, Sachivalaya (or Secretariat), Nariman Point, Rajabhai Tower, Oberoi Tower, Air India office and will stop in the Marine Drive. From there, the bus will travel through Jain Temple, and take you to the Hanging Garden and stop there for some time. The Kamala Nehru Park is also adjacent to this garden where you can find the famous Boot House. The bus would again take you through the Raj Bhawan (Government’s residence) and the Tower of Silence and stop at the Mahalaxmi temple. This is a religious place for the Hindus and the bus will stop there for some time. From here, you would travel through the Chowpati Beach, one of the famous beaches in Mumbai and stop at the Taporwala Aquarium. This aquarium has a lot of sea animals to be seen and is one of the most enjoyable places for the kids. Here, you are supposed to finish your lunch and continue with the travel.

The post lunch ride would take you through World Trade Center (Mumbai’s version), Jahangir Art Gallery, Prince of Wales Museum and the H20 Boating Club. The bus may or may not stop at these points and the travellers are free to decide on this. It is advisable that you choose these places intelligently, so that you have enough time while getting down in the other places to follow. From here, the bus will move through Haji Ali’s Durbar. This is a pilgrimage for the Muslims. The durbar is situated half a kilometer inside the sea and at more times than often, the road remains submerged with water stopping the trespassing completely. This is one reason that the bus would not stop here.

Up next are the Bombay Race Course, Nehru Planetarium and Science Center. After checking through these two well-equipped and informative points, the bus will travel through the Sea-Link Bridge connecting the southern and northern parts of Mumbai. This bridge was constructed only recently and is a nice ride through. All the travellers enjoy this ride. The bus will take you through the Mount Marry Church, one of the famous heritage churches in Mumbai. It will also pass through the famous Jogger’s Park, Pawan Hans airport, specially built for helicopters.

With this, you would come to the last part of the tour and incidentally, the most interesting and enjoyable part too. This is where the bus will travel through different busy roads going through the richest corners of Mumbai, where the most prosperous lot stay, along with the big film stars and the business tycoons. The bus will take you through those roads on whose sides you will see bungalows or high raised apartments of internationally famous Indian cinema stars like Amitabh Bachhan, Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan and other business tycoons and sports persons, like Mukesh Ambani and Sachin Tendulkar. Indian crowd go crazy during this phase of the tour and they thoroughly enjoy looking at the rich houses in the posh streets in Mumbai.

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