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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A guide to touring Mumbai - 3

For someone who has less time in hand and wants to visit most of the places in Mumbai, the best way to go about it is the ‘Mumbai Darshan.’ This is nothing but a day long bus tour, designed and planned for those who have very less time in hand. ‘Darshan’ in Hindi or in Sanskrit means sight as in seeing or beholding. This trip is for local site seeing in Mumbai. This takes one through the various parts of importance of both north and south Mumbai and covers the most important places. All in a day’s trip, you can finish seeing most of the significant places in Mumbai.

The trip starts from the Gateway of India. There are minibuses and big deluxe busses which run every day from morning till evening. Since, they cover almost 30 places on an average day, most of the points are non-stop view points, where the bus will just slow down and not stop and the guide will tell you about the significance of that view point. In other places the bus will stop for dissimilar time lengths and the tourists are supposed to get down, roam around the place and get back to their seats within that allotted time. One thing that would dishearten the tourists is that the bus would not stop where they would want it to; but the good news is that it would stop for ample amount of time in places which deserve a halt. Overall, this site seeing trip is effective, enjoyable and satisfying.

It is always better to start early with the trip. The earlier you start, more time you get in various places where the bus stops. However, the bus would start only once it is full with tourists. So, if you are going in a group, it is more possible that you can get the entire bus to start and stop at your will. It is also advisable to go by the time frame that the driver and the guide will give you, since they would know the various time needed in the various places. If you are travelling along with your own guide, it is advisable to let him decide about the places you would visit and the time you share.

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