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Robert A Heinlein
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is dead

It seems the Osama is dead and the Obama is claiming that. Times of India has released an article titled, “President Obama confirms death of Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden” which confirms the same.

Will this mark the end domination by the extremists residing in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries and even India? Will this have any effect on the modern world?

I guess not! For, the world has seen lots of riots in the last few years and Osama was never involved or mentioned in any of those. What he has done, is that he has left behind a long list of extremist people who are the present leaders of the insurgencies that are happening across the world.

The reign of Osama might be over now, but the crop that he has sown in the barren lands of Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan will yield more destruction and violence in the world. Those atrocious, arrogant, nincompoop terrorists will keep on swelling the world with their vandalism and the uneducated, flabbergasted by their brainwash, incompetent fools will fall prey every time on the name of religion.

Anyways, there is a lot to talk about these frenzied, fanatic and terrorist leaders and the foolish followers, who keep on dying and killing others across the world. Let’s not get into it now.

Let us enjoy and celebrate the death of this scoundrel!

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Premangshu,  Monday, May 02, 2011  

Hahaha..nice one..I like the last statement! :P :D

Neha Monday, May 02, 2011  

Osama Bin Laden's Era is over!!! Good News!! Congratulations to All who helped directly or indirectly to find out this Poisonous Snake and kill it!! But remember, this is not the end. There are still hundreds of Poisonous Snake which can take the next action, and Society only will be responsible for that. Society only nurtures the Brains/Souls like Osama to convert them into Dangerous Poison. Societies must Guide & Train every young Brain/Soul and show it the right Path of Love, Kind, Honesty. Society must create a Platform for every Brain/Soul to excel, enjoy and complete its lifecycle Happily.

Neha Monday, May 02, 2011  

Will the war on terror end now?

Yeah thought not. I think the mindless flag waving nationalism outside the white house will come back to bite the US as well.

Tan Wednesday, May 04, 2011  


Thanks Mate!


Congratulations; but there are questions to answer!
Is this the 'actual' Bin Laden? Well, those who can hoax moon landing 70 years ago, can do anything I guess!
Just wait for sometime and if we dont see a major attack somewhere, we can be assured that this one, who died, left Bin Laden behind him!

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