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Robert A Heinlein
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inspiring interviews of fellow bloggers

Well, many of us get inspired by many things around us. However, it is a known fact that success has always inspired people the most. Hence, reading about success is always helpful to lift our mood. It gets no bigger when you read about success from the horse’s mouth; from them who have achieved it.

We bloggers always look for people who have been successful in blogging and try to imitate them too. It will be very good if we can speak to those people who have been successful, blogging and can tell us a tip or two to do better in ours.

Blogadda has put together an interview series with 21 successful bloggers. Now, you can read what they say about their own success. There have been 4 episodes out already and I came to know now! Poorly so, but I am happy that I can read them now.

Better be late than never!

Go ahead and read what these well-known Indian bloggers have to say about their success story while blogging. The following links give you direct access to the interview series at Blogadda.

Interview with 21 popular Indian bloggers
  1. PART I
  2. PART II
  4. PART IV

I have read a few and I am reading them all now. Do you know any of these? Check out...

Happy reading; hope this helps!

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