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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wish you a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Friends! :)

Hope you had a great Christmas this time and all of you enjoyed the same. I did enjoy my Christmas a lot. To tell you the truth, I was blessed with gifts from Santa, and people around me know how much I liked that. It was not planned at all, but Santa gifts like that and keeps it all secret, until it happens. This was a good Christmas in years and I liked it right through.

My wife’s family came in a couple of days before Christmas and it was a joyous moment for both of us. We saw them after years and everything was so nice and happy! It feels good when you are with your near and dear ones. We do not get to be in that mode very often and when we get our family nearby, we just do not want to let that moment go so fast. To add on to that excitement, my Mama, Mami (Maternal Uncle and Aunt) and their daughter came along with their family friend on the Christmas Eve. I met them after a long time too. I spent the night with them, in the hotel room that I booked for them and it was so homely. I felt like the olden golden days, when I used to go back home during vacations and I used to be treated like a king, returned triumphant from war. It was nice to be with them.

We spent the two days in various shopping malls in Bangalore and bought a couple of things for the kids and this time, believe it or not, we actually ended up making a Christmas tree! Well, this was our very first Christmas tree and we could do only as much as we did but it was awesome feeling. I liked it – it was a celebration kind of an atmosphere and the milieu took me back to the days I would always remember.

Hope you all also had a similarly awesome Christmas this time. The New Year is knocking at the door. What plans, huh? I am sure you all have planned it well. I wish all your plans come true this New Year and all your wishes get realized. Hoping to meet again during the New Year; and if I cannot, you be assured that all my wishes and blessings will be with you all. Make this the year of your life. Hope you get all that you aspire for in the New Year.
Happy New Year 2011!

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