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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Agartala - Best City

Finally, recognition towards my city, my state! Agartala, the capital of Tripura was regarded as the Best City among all the cities in small Indian states on Friday last. I am proud today and unfortunate enough to have not witnessed the change that has taken place in the last four years. I have been out for four long years and in the meantime, there were august changes in the city. If this continues like this, I’ld better be away from my sweet little ‘native’ land.

With this, I pray that people now come to know about Tripura and Agartala. I am surprised and saddened seeing the ignorance about this place amongst the Indians. Yes, I am not joking! Almost 80-90% of all the people whom I had a chance to talk about Agartala or Tripura as a whole would not know what that is – whether to eat it or to wear! I am not talking about people who know not how to write their names. I have met engineers, managers and other people in big posts in big companies all over India asking me if Tripura is in Orissa or if I know how to speak Malayalam, since I am from Tripura or a simple and grave, ‘hmm, where is it; in India itself?' That has not only hurt me a lot of times, but made me laugh out loud and question our education system. When I was in school, I used to mark each and every nook and corner of India on those maps, I remember; from Porbandar to Perimar, from Leh to Kannyakumari and used to get beaten if my pencil would mark them centimeters away from where they actually are! I remember it all! I pray that (at least) the educated Indian citizens get to know about Agartala now, and of course Tripura, the state where it belongs.

But I am also unsure if this award would actually make people try and gather more information about Tripura. It would not do any good, I know. When the World Championship winner Somdev Devbarma could not; when the Indian idol Saurabhi Devbarma could not; when the legends like Sachin Devbarman, Rahul Devbarman could not spread the news amongst the Indians (and to those out there) that there is a place called Agartala and an Indian state called Tripura, I don’t think neither the Serial Bomb Blasts nor this award would do any good.

Nevertheless, I am happy that Agartala got an award. Someone somewhere has recognized the city and I am happy for that. I have been always proud to be from that place of the world and this makes me even more so.

Way to go!

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