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Robert A Heinlein
(American science-fiction writer,1907-1988)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

India Retains Number One Position in Test Cricket

INDIA beat New Zealand in the three match test series to hang on with the number one position in ICC Test Team Rankings. What a relief! The series without Harbhajan Singh’s back to back centuries would have been 2-1 in favour of New Zealand for sure and not 1-0 for India. The Singh rose up to the occasion twice in two test matches and showed the world, why I urged people back in 2002 to call him as Sir Harbhajan Singh! He was a sweetheart in the test match series and will be truly wanted by the Kiwi pace attack in the rest of the tour. India, can now play with five bowlers, I believe.

The third test ended within four days and India won by an innings and more. I liked the way Dravid, Dhoni and Sachin guided the Indian inning between the vandalizing bowling in the two Kiwi innings. Some one very recently said, after Dravid scored a century in one of the first two matches, that he should now think about retiring and should let Pujara come into the team. I say, if Dravid can score 191 at this age, let Pujara wait!

The same thing I would say about Mularidharan, who took 10 wickets in his last test match. Why on earth, should Murali retire now? I do not get this logic of age here. A horse is as good as long he wins you races. After all, this is what he was born for. I truly believe Murali should make a comeback and may be Kumble too may think about it. There are much left in them to give us. The present generation and the growing cricketers would learn mountains from them.

C’mon India! All eyes are now on the ICC World Cup 2011. Hope we can bring the trophy home, yet again! I was 2 when it happened last time and now, when I touch 30, let Indians rise and hold their heads high. India is rising and the World Cup Trophy will help us rise it even higher!

A small note for Somdev Dev Barman, the youngster from my land, Tripura won the first ever Gold Medal in Asian Games Men’s Singles Lawn Tennis in Guangzhou. Three cheers to you, Hero. Keep going and bring us more and more…


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