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Sunday, March 7, 2010


What to say about The Legand of CRICKET, The Milestone Man, Master Blaster, The Man Of The Records, Run Making Machine, Bowlers Nightmare, Umpires Enemy(Giving work to them all the time), India's asset, The GOD Gifted Sachin Tendulkar.

Wowwwwwww…….I m tired. Anything we say about HIM is not enough. In one word “HE IS GREAT AMONG THE GREATEST

Sachin Tendulkar The one of the most successful batsman in the world of cricket with lots of world records in his Bag has recently re-wrote the record books on Wednesday(25-02-2010), made the new record of making highest run in an ODI.

One-day international cricket, since starting from 1971, had to wait nearly four decades to see a batsman score 200. The previous best mark was shared by Zimbabwean Charles Coventry (194 not out against Bangladesh in 2009) and Pakistan's Sawed Anwar (194 against India in 1997).

Anwar in his reaction over Sachin’s achievement said, ”If any person deserved to do better than me it was Tendulkar. I am happy for him, there are no real regrets.”

Yeah HE is absolutely right. Anwar is Good but WORLD Record deserve to GREAT.Is not it??& the Great is none other then SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR.COMPARISON is Impossible. And another SACHIN “Dimag Kharap Ho Geya Keya….!!!!!”

After some years when this Legend retired from Cricket then in every news channel there may be Poll by SMS.

Do you think that cricket will become boring after Sachin Tendulkar retires? (A)YES (B)NO
In India, Cricket is religion and Sachin is 'GOD'. You agree? (A)YES (B)NO

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