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Robert A Heinlein
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

A head full of Qs

Everyone in this world has something to tell about. I was just going through the blog-roll I follow and it was really weird and bizarre to read the titles of the recent posts of each blog, in sequence. There were so many varied topics that my blog-mates have written on. Someone wrote a forwarded joke; one of them wrote about Indians in Australia; someone else wrote on Shiv Sena and Shahrukh Khan while some wrote poems or stories from the deepest part of their hearts and posted in their own blogs. So many things people were thinking about in the last couple of days and have depicted their thoughts in their blogs. Its really eerie when you go through the blog rolls or browse through various different kinds of blogs. Today was such a day for me.

There are so many more things that I think that need to be pointed out. Who will write about all those? Not one man can do that. There should be many. Many can do that but only an organized group of such people will be able to write about all that needs to be written about. That group of people who write about various things going around the world in an organized way and present them to the mass to read or understand/know is called the media. The media (be it newspaper or news channel) is supposed to bring us the news – as it is and as it should be presented for a better and elaborate understanding. But are they doing that? I am not sure. When I see Pranoy Roy and Barkha Dutt and their colleagues perspiring in search of news I tend to believe what they tell me. When I see the death toll after a recent quack being shown in one channel as 500 and in another as 250, I still try to tell myself that it can be anywhere between 300 to 400 and still believe what I see. Well, many of us do the same. But now, Ram Gopal Varma has released Rann – the war against the media where they show how they modify, amend and alter news and present in a way that will benefit these channels the most. I am yet to see the movie, but want to watch it soon.

The thought just came to my mind, while going through the blog roll. The newspapers in olden days used to be the same. With variety of news being printed and published on paper where you can just browse through and get to know what is happening around you. It would often include poems and jokes also and some advertisements, that we see on most blogs too. Everything was there in a paper – but somehow, people are losing interest on reading papers these days. There are so many gadgets and e-papers available around you that you need not read it at all. I miss those times.

But then again, Abhishek Bachhan and his Idea group will say that we should restrict usage of paper to save trees and use mobiles and these gadgets more. Too many things to tackle! Too many things to rattle your thoughts! So much happening in the world, and we still need to find out some time for House Loan, ECS, buying Fish from the distant shop, the ever increasing belly, the job and its new goals and learning, the blog-mates who would again ask you why you don’t write, and friends calling and asking why you don’t call them! Well, I’m blessed that my relatives do not call me at all – and do not bother me with these unnecessary questions. In a way, I feel like I’m mapped one to one (me and my wife) and hence, less pressure! (LOL) This is life – this is the pressure of it. I wonder, how my father (or many other fathers in the world) take this pressure each day for long decades!

Don’t laugh mate. I know I did not make much sense on this post, but this is something I was thinking all night yesterday, when I came from office, cooked something, ate, watched Dulip Trophy Final highlights and news channels during breaks and woke up this morning and browsed through the blog-roll. Its weird, I know. Let it be! Sometime, I intend to find answers; but for now, I am filling my head with all questions and I like it. If there are no questions that I search an answer for, then there is nothing much left in life to seek. Well, will try to answer one after the other soon. And that would be more to me!

Thanks for reading. Have a good time!

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Anonymous,  Saturday, February 06, 2010  

i actually enjoyed reading the post... these questions come to my mind, but im unable to point them out as you have done.. we need questions to keep us moving forward whilst searching for the answers..else life would be so boring..thanks again for the wonderful post.

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