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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swine Flu Emergency Warning Signs

The First case of death in Bangalore has risen the alarm here too. I am sure we would do good by taking some precautions and measures not to fall prey to this H1N1 Virus. I have taken out some symptoms here, which is not an exhaustive list. Please go through the same and any other material available in the web to know more. Proper information is very important and should be known to us...
Dont Panic - Wear Masks - Take preventive measures and Be safe!

Swine Flu Emergency Warning Signs
Early Signs Of Swine Flu In Children
Skin turns a bluish color
Trouble breathing or breathing become fast
Extended rest – the child does not want to wake up
No interaction – the child does not want to interact with those around them
Irritability - the child becomes irritable to the extent that they do not want to held
Flu like symptoms – these may improve but then return with an even heavier cough and fever
Fever with a rash
Dehydration caused by lack of fluid intake – the child may not want to drink

Early Signs Of Swine Flu In Adults
Pain or feeling of pressure in the abdomen or chest
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

If you live in an area where swine flu has been identified and you display some of the early signs and symptoms contact your health care provider immediately.

To avoid spreading swine flu, avoid contact with other people and remain indoors.

Emergency Information in Bangalore:
SDS Tuberculosis & Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases

Address: Hosur Road, Hombegowda Nagar, Bangalore - 29 (MAP)
Phone: (080) 26631923
Contact: Dr. Shivaraj - 9980148780

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