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Saturday, August 15, 2009

62nd Independence Day - Jai Hind!

This year, I am late in posting my Independence Day post. Well, that does not mean I have not read others. Today, I went through a lot of reviews, pictures, blogs, stories and articles on Independence Day and I would say, people really spoke this time. I would speak too – as I see it.

The 62nd Independence day – India leaps up to another phase. There is so much that have kept India shaking and/but/yet moving – Slumdog Millionaire – Medals in Olympic – Recession – Satyam – IPL – Lay Offs – 26/11 Terror Attack – Akshay Kumar – Bomb BlastsChandrayan – T20 – ElectionsSwine Flu and US/Pak Terrorism were all India raised up and stood mountainous! The cutoff in Tax and the inclusion of Rahul Dravid in the Indian team, against Dhoni and Kirsten’s will are all making news. And with all these, India is shining and shining bright. Happy Independence Day!

Today, as you all might remember, is the 62nd Birthday of my mother too. She had a minor operation yesterday and moved in to the next year in her life sleeping. The morning was vibrant, because I was there with them – my parents share 29th marriage anniversary today too. We cut cake, distributed sweets (among ourselves) and presented saree and shirt – but they were not happy. They would not be happy with me ever, probably! I wish I could be wrong.

Well, the year so far was a big one for me, seeing many changes in life – some good, some better. I know there is no shortcut to happiness; but at times, I wish, what if everything can be changed to a way I want that to be? India is developing, and so am I. Then, why is there a fuss? Have I made everything here very fussy? I guess, I have… but then, I ask again – did I do it for a good cause? Did I have any cause, at all? And if I had, why am I not happy then? Or, am I happy and I cannot understand it? Today, I am in a mood of asking questions and I know, as usual, there will be no one to answer all these – CRAP – they call these! My plights are like these kites – they promise to meet the sky and dissolve or disappear, but as long as I have the other end of the rope tied to my hand, I should know, they would always stay…

Anyways, hope we wake up to a new India – a developed India with a broader mentality and scope of love and respect, which has gone missing, since the time I started to love!

May God bless me! May God bless every citizen of India and may India shine brighter and brighter – some of the light, would surely pass my window panes and get into my room and make it look brighter too. Amen!

Jai Hind!

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