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Monday, June 22, 2009

T20 World Cup Ends!

The T20 World Cup (Men) ended and Pakistan lifted the cup! I am not sure how many Indians are happy to know that, but one thing is sure they were not a deserving side. I played Fantasy Cricket with CricInfo and the Pakistani players brought me so many points – I should thank them; but then, given the team composition of New Zealand, Sri Lanka and India, I never thought Pakistan will come out with flying colors! Well, many did not think the same, but that’s what happened yesterday! Pakistan won by 8 wickets with 8 balls remaining as the Sri Lankan players looked on. The last ball commentary in CricInfo reads:

Malinga to Shahid Afridi, 1 leg bye, he's done it! Afridi misses the
yorker and it hits him on the pad and the ball goes on the off side, it's a leg
bye but who cares, Afridi raises his arms in triumph, what a player, he's
delivered when it mattered most, the players rush on to the ground to mob him
and Malik, such joy, there are hugs all around.

Anyways, let me congratulate the Pakistan team. I have lots against the country and its foreign policy, but nothing against the players. I know they work as hard as anyone else (not on their English – it still limps or needs a runner at times). Sahid Afridi has shown what he is known for and has proved his mettle too. I like that cricketer – who says you need to KNOW cricket to play for your country? Sunny Gavaskar should watch his tongue when he talks about class and style and grammar in budding cricketers. Look at Afridi – he knows how to bowl fast flippers and knows how to use his bottom hand to dispatch the ball way out of the ground. Well done buddy!

There were multiple times during the tournament that I wanted to write; but then, I never had time to do so, until today, when I had to! So, I am sorry that you all missed out on a few thoughts of mine on different games and players in the tournament.

No word for the Indian team? Well, I want to say, but then, hum bolega to bologe ke bolta hai! I think Garry Kirsten has said it all – the fatigue has done it all. I agree. I would just add a few more adjectives – the urge for money, the pressure of IPL, the craving for promoting soaps and mobiles and the ennui of winning game after game are the various causes. Hope you understand that there is a BIG LIFE out there apart from Cricket and you have no rights to talk about one’s freedom of choosing his own life style!

The women T20 World Cup also ended with the sturdy England Women Cricket team winning the cup. India lost brutally there too. Hope we understand that we need to promote the same on regular basis or abandon those women who play cricket in India. If we do not cheer them up, we have no rights to question them for even a 10 wickets defeat! Anjum Chopra, Jhulan Goswami… whom else do you know from the Women cricket team? I do not know anyone else!

Anyways, best of luck to all the cricketers of India. Now that both the teams have failed greatly, I would love to see some new faces in the teams – someone who earns less in advertising and works only to improve his/her cricket. Best of luck cricketers. Best of luck India!

4 Thoughts on this post...:

The Solitary Writer Monday, June 22, 2009  


gud luck pakistan nd english damsels.......for winning world cup t20 version

afridi rocks

we ,indians will be raped at carribean soils....already got a warning frm gayle.. .

he says windies r like butterflies but they sting like bees


Anurag Tuesday, June 23, 2009  

tan dada ..I really don't agree with you when you say fatigue was a factor....If that was it how did Tilakaratne dilshan performed well BOTH in the IPL and this world cup....

So Fatigue is not a factor...It's the mental framework of the players....
I agree on that gavaskar comment though ....Afridi has proved that nothings impossible though I might add that he clicked here....May not do in future..Coz it's afridi afterall :D

Anonymous,  Tuesday, June 23, 2009  

Congrats to Pakistan for winning the cup. I dont watch much cricket, only the 20/20 and even that only if India is playing. India (especially Dhoni, my used to be hero) let us down badly. Watched 2 matches and India lost both, against England and WestIndies. Good post..

Tan Tuesday, June 23, 2009  

@ Stephen,

Wait dude... wait for the matches to bigin from the 26th ... I hope India will do well :)

@ Anurag,

I Did not say that Fatigue prevented India from doing well... If you read the post again, you will find that those were Kirsten's words - I thought of something else ...
And Afridi? He is not a batsman! He just clicks on his days... You let me play in the Team for 10 years, I will surely score 10 hundreds for sure - may be a couple in his pace!!

@ Anonymous,

India would have lost even if you would have missed the matches - do not blame yourself for the deeds of those nincompoops!!

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