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Friday, June 5, 2009

Samsung vs Sony Ericsson – a small review

It was My Wife’s Birthday last Saturday and this time the birthday gift was much costly. She has a CDMA mobile that she is using for last three and half years which is no better than a burnt out matchbox. It has a green screen with green light and you need to hold the charger pin in to get it charged. In one word, she had one of the worst mobiles that one may carry at this time (era?). We planned a lot of purchasing a new mobile and at last, on her 20something birthday, she got a new mobile!

It is a Samsung Star S5233 handset with all the latest facilities. (Well, we do not have 3G as of yet, so we don’t have it in the phone too :P) I used the mobile for a couple of days before handing it over to her. It is really awesome. Trust me! It has a few feature of the iPhone too, which are amazing and fascinating. To know more about the same, please visit the link: Samsung Star S5233.

Well, we bought a new mobile for her brother too, who is here doing his Pre-Final Year Industrial Training. He bought a Sony Ericsson Cybershot C510 handset. I am using it for today and it looks good too. We took pictured with it which we transferred to the computer and the 3.2 MP Camera (same as the former) gave a good photography experience. I liked this feature in it. The sound is also good, but not as good as that of a Walkman series of the same company. The mobile is sleek and is easy to carry. Want to know more about it? Check the link: Sony Ericsson Cybershot C510.

Now that I have used both the phones, I can easily tell you that the Samsung phone has an edge over the later. The touch screen ability brings in the biggest difference between the two phones. The features like motion sensing gaming and panoramic photo shooting stand out. The sound quality is also better, I felt. The camera? Yes! The Cybershot (as the name suggests) is a better camera mobile than the former one. We have taken pictures from both the mobiles, the difference is not very wide! The price? Well, we got the Samsung mobile for almost 1300 bucks less! We got a 4 GB SD Memory Card free with it too. I bargained a pair of Provogue’s Sunglasses too, but that does not include in this comparative review. That was sheer smartness that I showed – surprisingly and suddenly enough to shock us all! (:P)

Overall, if S5233 rates 8 in a 10 pointer scale, C510 will rate no less than 6.5. Hope this hands-on knowledge and real-time experience helps you mates to choose wisely!

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Alana Monday, August 03, 2009  

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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