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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Make a Difference (MAD)

News! News! Make a Difference (MAD) is in Bangalore. An NGO working towards edifying that section of the society who has the talent, but do not have the obligatory resources to make the talent count. Want to know more about MAD? Read on…

MAD Vision: To Bridge Inequalities in Society through Education

Bring a change

Bringing a change is something we have always wanted to. Many of us did not like the education system in school; some did not like the teachers teaching us; a few more did not like the traffic jams on the way to office or the boss dictating there. We did not like the way it was and hence, we wanted to change it. We wanted to alter the education system, the government, the weather, the topography and the structure of the nose of the old woman next door – all these because we did not like. We always craved to change things that concerned us, and sometimes, that did not; but we wanted to bring a change. A change for ourselves was hard earned and many of us could not make it happen.

The cause here is different. The cause for a change here is not because it concerns an individual. Here, the concern is communal, national and humanitarian. Here the change is directed towards the holistic progress of the nation – the scope is the development of the unattended and unfortunate lot that makes up a lion’s share of the country’s population. Here, we come together to bring upon a change and make a difference.

Let’s come together, and make a difference.

A water drop in a pond means not much; however, millions of drops together build ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans. We cannot deny this fact. We cannot deny the strength, necessity and importance of an individual drop, for if those individual drops would not have come together, there would not have been any water body at all.

Similarly, to bring a change in the existing systems we need to get together. A group of likeminded people, who think that a change is inevitable and something needs to be done to bring upon that change, can actually make this happen. There are a lot of things around us that are happening for years immemorial which we have thought sometime or the other, need to be changed. Let us stop complaining about things that are not happening the way we want them to be and let us step in the puddle ourselves; for only we know what is wrong and only we can do our best to make the necessary changes. Let’s come together!

Once we are together, we can bend the highest of peaks and cut through the mightiest of oceans. Together, we can do the impossible. Together, we can make it happen – the way we want to. Let’s come together and make a difference.

How do I make a difference?

As isolated and secluded drops of water would not stand in the scorching sun, I do not stand anywhere alone. I cannot make much of a difference, unless I am tied up with a few more who thinks like me and works like me. Together, we can and we will make a difference. This is where a necessity of an organization is vivid. Things that I wanted to change and I could not, can be changed once I am in a group and while I am in a group, I can alter things that all of us think needs to be reformed.

Make a Difference (MAD) is such an organization that brings concurring people together and works to make a difference and bring a change into effect. Every individual member is equally important here and every effort is counted. Everyone is important when it comes to affect a cause that indulges everyone in some way or the other.

Scope: What does MAD do?

MAD works towards providing orphans and deprived children in different parts and corners of India with quality education and knowledge of computers to empower them with every possible skill they would need to compete with children of their age, as they grow up. MAD allows these children to acquire required skills and accrue on their knowledge base in such a way that they can also grow into qualified professionals in the long run.

There has been disparity among the education available to children from different realms of the society. There was a time when higher education was accessible only to the rich and well-to-do. Then, time changed and it was made available to a larger segment of the population. However, there remains a still larger section that is deprived, but equally talented and need some assistance in accumulating skills to match the rest. MAD works as a conduit, in bridging the inequality persistent in the society and the mode is always through education. MAD works towards changing the facade of availability of education to the entire Indian population, bringing together young students and bureaucrats to work and make a difference!

We always knew that we wanted to do something to assist children who are deprived of traditional schooling and higher education; however, we never knew how to do that. MAD provides us an opportunity to do that and a platform where we can come up and do what we always wanted to. MAD provides a network that will lead us directly to the war zone, where we are needed most. MAD offers an organizational backing to provide infrastructural and other support to all the youths who want to be a part of this mass movement. MAD trains us and provides us will all the necessary equipments that will be needed while we are with the children.

What needs to be done?

MAD is currently operating in Chennai, Pune, Cochin and Hyderabad and is mushrooming in other parts of India as well. There is a need of lot more participation and hence, there is a need of many people coming up front and joining the cause. One can make a difference by just spending 2 hours a week in a constructive way. By joining MAD and becoming a part of the movement one can really make a difference.

There are lots of areas where you can take part actively. You can decide on your mode of involvement in MAD. You can decide what you want to do based on your interests and skill sets and also you can decide how much time you want to devote every week. You can be a journalist and represent the voice of the youth around you – free and unbiased opinions of the youth, talking about the various problems faced by them or by the world as a whole. You can Start a cell in your college and plan and coordinate your own activities and also receive help from MAD as and when required. You can be a trainer too and train the volunteers of MAD and equip them with necessary skills to teach and aid the deprived children. There is a lot more to do. You will discover more avenues to flow your synergy the way you want it, once you join MAD.

Please feel free to contact MAD whenever you want to for more information and guidance. Also, visit MAD’s website at: Make a Difference to know more about the organizational structure and its current plans and initiatives. Come on, let’s join hands and work together. MAD looks forward to have you alongside in the quest to achieve a more powerful and developed country!

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Anonymous,  Wednesday, June 17, 2009  

very informative post.. and reasoning too.. wishing u success in ur venture MAD. Hoping more people read it and take part too...

Tan Tuesday, June 23, 2009  

Thanks Anonymous... I wish the same too... Hope it comes out to be a success :)

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