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Thursday, April 9, 2009

TWL Excellence Awards

Writing blogs were never so happening with me as the last few months have been. I admit that I was having less work in office and hence, I could devote more time in blogging. From the start of November till date, it has been an awesome experience. I have got new friends and together we spent a good time. This period has taken my blogging to great heights too. I have been writing more and more these days. In the month of March 2009, I posted 30 different posts in my Poem Blog, Thus Wrote Tan! Was not that surprising? Yes, it was. I’m loving it at this moment.

I have been telling you all about my venture with a group of fellow bloggers – The Writers Lounge (TWL). Recently (March 31, 2009), TWL has awarded me with this years “The Excellence Award.” There were a few categories all right and I was awarded the following two awards:

Award for Experimenting with different Genres (poetry)
Male: Tan
Female: Pratibha aka Prats

Mr. & Ms. Consistent @ Lounge (Poetry-Hindi/Urdu)
Male: Chirag and Tan
Female: Uzra and Insiya

For more information, please visit The Writers Lounge.

I am very happy to have received the same. Really, I am happy. I am obliged, honored and blessed. I am glad that I joined TWL. It all started with the Rain Drenched Lounge Contest, where I participated just by chance. And after that till now, it never stopped. I have visited, read, commented almost every time I logged in to the internet since then. It was like a family with them. Each day I need to check what is happening in the Lounge - if the review is out or a new contest or the results of the quizzes and of course newer entries. There is a huge lot of talents in the lounge now. Hope it lives long and supports all the prospects.

My Coming Days and Blogging:

Well, there was a big change when I joined TWL. The members and the readers there inspired me to write more and more. It was wonderful. Change, is constant and change is going to come soon again. After this month, I may not be able to be as active on the blogs as I am now. Things in the office are going to change and I may be moved to different process and different locations with different timings. I may not be able to be so regular on TWL or other blogs that I follow and visit regularly. I will try my best to keep up with the pace, but then I will surely be not that frequent.

Anyways, as they say, the show must go on – it will go on. I’m not giving up on anything. I need to cut it short – that’s it! Will rock again – will write and share again and will read a lot more from now on. Hope I will get all your support and well wishes as always. Together we shall rock!! Keep visiting my blogs and keep reading me more…

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Amias Thursday, April 09, 2009  

We understand Tan, there is life outside of blogging too!

I know when you blog again we will all be enjoying a treat, as your poetry is some of my favorite.

Hope everything goes well .. and you know I will be watching for your posting.

Amias Thursday, April 09, 2009  

I may not understand the language, but the sound of the vocal and the music is wonderful! Make me feel like dancing. No wonder you all write about love so much, your music leans one in that direction.

Priya Joyce Thursday, April 09, 2009  

Congozz re

the awards r of two contradictory categories though :P

keep going

Pretty Me!! Thursday, April 09, 2009  

u surely deserved it !! :)

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