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Robert A Heinlein
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Received a Dedication

Another appreciation! No less than an award. Recently one of my friends, Pratibha in The Writers Lounge dedicated a poem on me. A real dedication! One another friend Rashi, wrote another poem and dedicated the same to me as a comment in the original post. This was my instant response when I saw those two lovely poems:

Tan, March 13, 2009 8:16 PM

Here I am - this is me
There's no where else on earth I'd rather be ...

I'm so overwhelmed today ... I'm so happy and so grateful to you mates … the two poems were something best I heard about myself … I never knew I would be described one day… and the ways I have been were wonderful! How much I want to thank you for this, but then a mere ‘thanks’ will not be enough in anyways!!

Thanks for the dedication! I loved both the poems. I now know myself more, I believe. I am happy to be here … I’m happy that I came here and joined the WL … I’m more than happy!! I’m writing this with drops in my eyes and my lashes are wet … trust me … I never got anything like this before! And possibly, I shall never get any again!!

I’m very short of words at times, and this is one of those times I’m searching for the same … this is how I started my day today! I’m sure it is going to be one of the best days of my life!

Thanks Pratibha and Rashi for those wonderful wonderful wonderful words … those meant a lot!

Tan :)

Please have a look into the following link: The Writers Lounge. Hope you like the poems too!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Holi

Wish you all a very happy HOLI

This is how the office welcomed me today!

I thought there will be nothing when I moved in at around 8 PM ... but they were ... all sprawling to take me right away!!

It was fun ... took a long time to get rid of the colour, though!!

Hope you all enjoyed the day equally ...

Have fun and Enjoy!!

My 100th Post here ... Miles to go, before I sleep ...

Thanks all for the support and cooperation!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Want Peace!

Peace is a state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations. It is true that this definition goes beyond personal relations and holds good for relations between nations, groups, races and sects of people living in this world. It is aptly symbolized by a white dove or pigeon. A flying bird, which is not easy to catch hold of; however, we never stop running after it. Only a clean and saintly mind would be able to catch hold of peace in its true sense. Peace is defined by different people in different ways. Some say if they have lots and lots of money, they will be at peace. Some think if they are famous, they will attain peace. There is another group of people who thinks that peace lay in God. They work towards meeting and unite with God and that is the way they choose to conquer peace. There are still different types of people who have defined peace in still different ways. All of us move in a direction we think will give us peace and we move on until affected by an external force which shatters our faith and we take on a different route – again to arrive at peace! Almost like Newton’s law of motion, is not it? But, this is how it has been. Some search for peace in earthly belongings, some search for it in love and some search for it in their work (Karma)… A few attain peace, by the last breath of their lives. For some, even that is not so – peace elude them throughout!

Happiness and peace are two different states. One may be happy but not in peace; however, one in peace is happy – almost always. Happiness is with you and peace is a mutual state of thought. If you are at peace with yourself, with your soul you ought to be happy. We will talk about it later. Let me tell you a short story here that I heard yesterday which prompted me to write this. You will enjoy this.

One fine day a lady went to a spiritual Guru (a preacher) and told him, “I want peace.” She was confident and very much happy to have zeroed in to this question. For she knew that if she attains peace, she will be happy! The Guru asked her to repeat her question/ask. She reiterated aloud, “I Want Peace.” The Guru smiled at her. He said, “Get rid of the first word and say it again.” She said, “Want Peace.” The Guru told again with a smile in his face, “Get rid of the first letter again and say.” The lady shouted out, “Peace!” “There you are, my lady,” the Guru said with a smirk. “Now you have reached ‘Peace’. Is it not what you wanted to have?” “No!” She said. She told that she just did not want to have the word peace, but wanted absolute peace for herself. She wanted to be at peace with her family and friends. She wanted to be at peace with her husband and children. She wanted to be at peace with herself. The Guru held her hand and told her in the calmest voice, “My lady, if you get rid of the first two words (‘I’ and ‘Want’), as you have done just now, you will attain peace for sure; for, peace is within yourself. When you will stop thinking only about yourself and you will dispose of all materialistic wants, yearnings and desires, you will be at peace! There will be no more dissatisfaction, discontentment or covet in your life and you will be happy with whatever you have and in whatever you do. This is peace, my lady. Go, work on this now.”

I am not sure if the lady understood the notion or how many of us would understand the same; but this is all about attaining peace. This story was told to me yesterday by Rajesh Madhavan, who heard it in his childhood from one of his beloved teachers. I wish, I could meet that teacher of his!

Peace is inside us – inside oneself. We need not go out to look for it. Satisfaction and Self Esteem are two things to reflect on in the route to achieve peace. One thing that is in absolute necessity in today’s world is peace. If all the nations and sects are in perfect synchronization with each other, there will be peace worldwide. Peace can never come riding on the shoulders of terror or atrocity. May you be in peace – may God bless us all with it. May there be peace all around us – making Earth a better place to live in!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Attack on Sri Lankan Cricket team: India Alarmed

Another black day in history of international cricket! When a few teams including Australia and India denied playing in terrorized state of Pakistan, Sri Lankan cricket team showed courage and stepped into the scenario and gestured with accepting a full-fledged tour of Pakistan. The tour was going on fine, until the third day of the second test match that was taking place in Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan. The Sri Lankan team was heading towards the venue when a group of up to a dozen terrorist stormed in and bombarded their bus with rockets and grenades. They also shot from their automatic weapons which injured half a dozen Sri Lankan players and killed same number of security personnel and a couple of innocent citizens who were trapped in the firing. Horror struck the whole cricketing fraternity. A shameful act, that could have happened only in Pakistan – a country with a lost hope now.

The India and New Zealand cricketers wore a black band during their ODI match, held in New Zealand. The whole cricketing fraternity was stunned by this disgraceful act and the lack of responsibility shown by the Pakistan government. There were opinions and comments flying in from ex-cricketers and common public from all around the world in protest. The Sri Lankan captain Mahela Jayawardene, Thilan Samaraweera, Kumar Sangakkara, Tharanga Paranavithana and Ajantha Mendis suffered injuries and were attended duly. However, the tour was immediately called off and the players are returning home soon.

Everyone is in depression and is not seeing anything positive as far as Pakistan is concerned. I am not sure what stance the ICC or BCCI, for that matter would take in this regard, but it seems that there will be no cricket played in Pakistan in the next 4 to 5 years at least. It is time some strong steps are taken and some harsh decisions are made to ensure this type of incident does not occur in the future.

However, the big bang comes in from Pakistan, in which a Pakistani minister, Sardar Nabil Ahmed Gaboi (Minister of State for Shipping) states that the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team was done by terrorists from India, who has crossed over the Indo-Pak border and attacked the Sri Lankan team to defame Pakistan internationally! How ridiculous is this, now? A minister of state who holds high position and much higher responsibility is saying something like this. This not only shows how irresponsible the Pakistani government is, but also is a clear gesture to prove the support these terrorist groups are getting from Pakistan. India is trying to aid Sri Lanka to fight LTTE terrorists in Jaffna and Northern territories of Sri Lanka to give them a better future; and these rascals are talking shameful about India herself! Even there is a segment in India and Sri Lanka which feels that India should not be any part of the steps taken against the LTTE there in Sri Lanka – they do not support India’s humanitarian act for peace.

This is not the only case where India was sent down recently. The recent violence in Bangladesh that saw the BDR taking to arms against the Government and the Army was mentioned to be an
act by Indian bureaucrats. A few people did not feel ashamed to even mention it as a conspiracy by India to ignite violence in Bangladesh! Bangladesh, a country which was torn apart from undivided India, got its existence, recognition and language because of India – Indian brotherly behavior from time immemorial. They forgot everything – and why would not they? Indian never tried to influence Bangladesh or its politics in any manner whatsoever. India fought for Bangladesh’s cause and lost brave sons of the soil and just left Bangladesh with their own dirty thoughts and mischievous lives! Well, that was a gesture renowned and appreciated from all groups across the world, but what has that given in return? Conspiracy against India? Home for the black listed ULFA, SULFA, ATTF and NLFT terrorists? Free route to India for Talibani terrorists? What else and what not!

It is alarming! The three neighboring states are at cross with India. And she is going on showing compassion and brotherly gestures – and looking into the recent signals that has come from the Indian government, I doubt this is going to stop in recent times. It is high time to stop and take the bull by its horns. There is no other way out. India has already seen Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Bangalore, Agartala, Guwahati, Delhi and Mumbai shake in terror. What else is she waiting for now? Isn’t it enough now? Hope the government act soon… The Parliamentary elections are here, almost knocking at the door. I hope the people will choose the right persons now, who can and who will act readily. Or else, we would suffer – for all we are banking right now, is suffering and more suffering – for us, and for our coming generations!

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