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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Zodiac Analysis for 2009

I do not very necessarily believe in Sun signs or Moon signs. However, I do peep in to the newspaper at times and look in and look for all the favorable things written about me and my wife and a few other relatives, whose signs I know. Here is what they say about Librans (September 23 – October 23).

A good year for all Librans.

The year seems to be a favourable one for all Librans. Due to suitable planetary configuration during January - April of 2009, most Librans would start the year quite well(if not with a bang!). You will taste success during the first phase of year. Sudden gains via share market would be likely. At the work place, you would be much respected and honored. Even a promotion may land on your lap. You will feel optimistic and be cheerful. People will enjoy your company and be much influenced by your infectious cheerfulness. This is a favorable period for career and finance. A change in residence or city is also possible during this time. Such a change would be auspicious. There may also be a gain in your wealth and material possessions. The middle of the year may bring in some sudden troubles and postponement of daily pursuits. Politics at work place can tarnish your image. So tread with caution till the last phase of 2009, when things would turn for the better. You may also enter into new deals during this time. On the domestic front, there will be happiness and contentment during January - April. It is also a good time to work out the kinks in existing relationships. But conjugal life of married people may be fraught with disturbances during this period. There might be a lack of mutual understating and cooperation between wedded partners. Things would, however, smoothen out during the second and last phases of the year. This would be a good time for those in love and even those already wedded.

For students, the first four months appear to be a favorable period. The time is encouraging for study and exams. You will get right reward of your hard work. However, problems may crop up in education related matters during the latter phase of the year. There are good chances of traveling, even trips to foreign lands. Healthwise, the first and last phase of the year is favorable. But, you need to be extra careful during May - August.

If you are not a Libran and wish to check the predictions and analysis for yourself, please visit this link to Zodiac Analysis for 2009.

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