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Monday, January 26, 2009

Friends Award

Happy Republic Day people! Hope we flourish and grow along with India.

It was a long weekend for me. Yes, an anniversary party was there too. Enjoyed it fine! However, was a bit tired after the unusual three days weekend. When I came to office and logged in to my computer, I was never prepared for all these. I was surprised and too happy to see so many mails this time – with comments on my blogs to mails from old friends. Loved it too much! Then, when I was browsing through the new mails, I saw this comment from Patty who awarded me with this Friends award. I was overwhelmed!

Patty and her husband Abe are from Ohio, United States. She has this blog named, Old Lady Lincoln which she updates religiously with very witty and eventful posts. She has seen 72 splendid springs in life and is still going strong. She is, undoubtedly a strong lady blessed with a big family. Every time I visit her blog, it is either fun or there is some information to bring back. Well, I need not talk much about her, you can know the same once you visit her blog.

I thank Patty for all her generosity to award me with this. However, as with my first award, I am not going to forward this award right away to my friends. This may be a breach in the code of conduct for blogs, but I am really clueless on how to forward the same. Well, I know the way, but I do not know the justified people who need to get this award. May be in sometime, I will be able to trace them and forward the same to the deserving ones. Till then, let me enjoy the award! Well, I have put this award in: Thus Wrote Tan!

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Old Lady Lincoln Tuesday, January 27, 2009  

You are most welcome. And like I said, don't worry about passing it on, I also told anyone that stops at my blog that would like the award, they may post it. bit I did pick out 8 gentlemen that I thought deserved the award, you being one of them.

Glad you had a lovely anniversary over the week-end. Like I said, ours will be 54 years this coming July. Hard to believe sometimes.

Again, Happy Republic Day.

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