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Robert A Heinlein
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Free Spirit and Independent Award

My first Blog award! What a feeling – lol!

Till yesterday, I never knew what a blog award was. I have seen multiple blogs with many awards on
them, but never could figure out what that is actually. At last, I received one myself. This is the Free Spirit and Independent Award. One of my mates from The Writer’s Lounge, Pratibha awarded me with this, which I have put in my blog, Thus Wrote Tan! Thank you Pratibha for the same! I am gratified to have received my first ever blog award through this.

Well, I also learnt that this award has to be circulated and forwarded to other bloggers. I need to find someone apt for receiving this award. I’m too new to this world and ignorant to do justice to this award and I would take some time to forward the same. Let me enjoy the award for sometime mates, until I find someone else, whom I can forward the same to. Stay Tuned!!

It seems like its raining awards these days… I’m obliged.

3 Thoughts on this post...:

Pretty Me!! Thursday, January 22, 2009  

You deserved it.. sorry for being late thouhg ;)

The Solitary Writer. Thursday, January 22, 2009  

congrats tan bro

u deserved it ...

Anonymous,  Thursday, January 22, 2009  

Congrats Tan, Well done, you do deserve every award. All the best my dearest friend

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