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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Is Mumbai forgotten? Those terror struck nights of November 2008, when the whole country was burning along with Mumbai following the attacks by roguish Pakistan have cut deep in my mind to just forget them this easily. What happened after that? What about the candles and mourning over the death of the brave soldiers? What about all the evidence we collected against Pakistan? Is this not enough to just throw a war against them? How long should India wait? How many times do we overlook these filthy people of Pakistan?

At present, India has all the evidences that trigger to the fact that the attack was done after a well planned Pakistan venture. The terrorists were Pakistani, their trainers were Pakistani and the whole terrorist group spreading panic is Pakistani – its proven now – the Indian Government knows it, the United Nations Organization knows it, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA knows this fact. Then, why the hell are we Indians waiting? Why can’t we just declare war against these fanatics?

The Government is going by the book, it seems. They gathered all the information from Kasab (the Pakistani terrorists captured in Mumbai) and forwarded the same evidences to the Pakistani Government to take action! What a joke! I am unsure if I should call this an immature shaggy dog story or height of optimism. How can we expect those same people who sent these criminals to perform this mayhem in Mumbai to dramatically (and catastrophically) change overnight and take measures to hinder terrorist activities in Pakistan and stop terrorism? Typically, the Pakistani Government did not take any step and even did not acknowledge the receipt of the evidence sent by the Foreign Minister, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. Instead, they have reinforced their troops along the western and north western border of India; as if they are preparing for a war. Yes they are! On the other thoughts, they are not preparing – they are just continuing with what they were doing since their inception – creating panic in India.

Pakistan is at the top of the ladder in creating bloodshed. They are spreading all over the world now. They have been doing such inhuman brutal acts for a long time now and have not shown any signs of retreating or refraining from too. It is time to end their cruelty and cut the throat of terrorism in the world. What a disgraceful country! What a dishonorable government! What shameful acts! The government shouts at the peak of its voice and tells that the events in Mumbai were carried out by Indian Government ourselves – what dishonor mate! We kill our own people and our foreign guests, destroying our heritage buildings and messing up with the entire peace balance of the country and the present and future tourism prospects just to bring bad name to these unworthy Pakistanis? Shut up!

The Indian Government was to play a big role here; but somehow I feel it is taking the easy way out. I hope they just do not keep blaming the Pakistanis and keep quiet. I know the Pakistanis
are at fault – we all know this. There is nothing to prove Mr. Prime Minister et al. We do not want you to prove anything in front of us – not any more. I am sure the citizens want action now and want to see Pakistan eradicated from the map of the world. They don’t stand against us – not then, not now, not ever! Their forces may be treacherous, but are not powerful. Their government may be cunning, but not impressive. Their people may be like us, but they are terrorists!!!!! It is time we take our steps forward. It is time we just stop blaming a crazy dog for biting us and kill it; for this is the ultimate destination of it. It’s already one and a half moths past the incidence in Mumbai and India is still communicating, evaluating and negotiating with Pakistan. There is no point in all these – not any more. It is high time we take resort to violence and belligerence – giving them the same thing they want – this is the language they understand. Why should we talk to them in humane languages, then? No point in discussing anything anymore. I am waiting, along with the whole nation and may be the world too, to see steps being taken against Pakistan. Hope this happens in near future. Amen!

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Anonymous,  Wednesday, January 14, 2009  

Wax melted, tear have stopped, anger is dwindled. Everything is gone!

The dossier presented is just information and not evidence, it seems!

What to do? ATTACK!

Karmasura Saturday, January 17, 2009  

There was a chance where we could have taken out Kahuta and then perhaps Pakistan could not have had a nuclear weapon, which could be deterring our pusillanimous politicians to do nothing.

Still, it's not too late to avoid mass scale destruction. The sooner Pakistan is taken out, the better. Yes, for our delay in destroying Kahuta, we shall be punished, perhaps even lose a city or two.

But with each day, nuclear Pakistan continues to make n-weapons, and the threat of an ever larger nuclear armageddon on India intensifies.

Give peace a chance. We must destroy Pakistan! Kill every damn living thing in that country, cats, dogs, crows, pigeons, burn down every tree, level mountains, dry up rivers and whatever you can think of.

And of course.. we must kill the humans there as well. We must bring D- Day to Pakistan before it does to us. Let this be a lesson to every co-operator of Pakistan, who is curbing the rise of a mighty Hindu Rashtra from the cowardly state of India by giving aid to nefarious elements of South Asia. Pakistan is but one weapon of these true conspirators against India.

We must make an example of them.

Scourge Earth!

L. Venkata Subramaniam Sunday, January 25, 2009  

Why should we wait for Pakistan to take steps? Do you think they are answerable to you and me and will do anything to help us.

We should wait for our govt to take steps. We should not let our govt get away easily by laying the blame on Pak. It is a known fact that Pak wont help us. So do we just sit and wait?

Tan Tuesday, January 27, 2009  

Thanks to you mates, for commenting here ... I know the anger and share the same, Karmasura and would like to do the same - what you have mentioned... Hope the Govt listens to this and act!! Its time ...

Mates, check out the comments in Mission Jagruti. People have posted some nice comments there on this post!

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