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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Outrage in Mumbai

Terrorist attacks again – now in Mumbai. Yesterday, on November 26, 2008 evening at around 9 PM when I was in office and was about to go out for a break, terror broke on Mumbai. There were blasts and gunshots in 10 different parts of the city and three major international hotels were taken hostages. It was evening time yesterday when the terrorists came in the waterway, got down in Chaupatty, near the Gateway of India and just walked in to the city. Is it possible in the commercial capital of as huge a country like India? Well, it was made possible yesterday, by a handful of anti social elements. The Government just stared at them who went on killing people at will. They hijacked a car and started shooting people all around them. The places that were brought under alarm are Leopolo Café, Nariman House in Colaba, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station, Hotel Taj Mahal in Colaba, Oberoi Trident Hotel, Vile Parle, G.T. Hospital and Cama Hospital, Metro Cinema, Wadi Bunder, Girgaun and Chaupatty.

The terrorists were inside Taj, Oberoi Trident and in Nariman House and kept people hostage inside. The Mumbai Police Services and National Security Guards (NSG) did a good job all these hours and now the Indian Army has taken control of the situation. The Anti Terror Squad (ATS) jumped into the situation yesterday too. The ATS Chief along with a few other policemen died while fighting terror yesterday and today. The operation is still going on as I am typing this. Hostages in Hotel Taj have been rescued and all the terrorists were killed except one, who is injured but still inside the hotel. There are few more disruptive dogs inside the other two buildings and they are sure to be brooded out by the next few hours. The Indian Army is operating and I have full faith in them.

Its high time mates! The citizens of India are too much tolerant and they have shown all lenience and broadmindedness as they could to all these attacks through all these months. Now, the water is going above the mark and this is the point we should act.

India is dangerous now. There is no more security. There is no assurance that you would be alive tomorrow to see your family or to pay your mobile bill. All these time, I thought that the ministry will take some action against terrorism in the country; but, nothing happened all these days. I can see them only when there is some problem. Only when people die they come up with pre-written speeches that do not have any impact or meaning at all. I was listening to Dr. Manmohan Singh speaking to the country at about 2:34 PM today – what a speech it was! I did not understand what he meant when he said to have patience and not to panic. Did he mean those things? I am sure he did not. He knew we would panic and we cannot be patient any more. Politicians will be politicians – whether they are sitting on the throne or they are barking for it. We do not need them no more. We have had enough now and we need to see things happening now. This is time to act not to vote. If you are not voting – you are doing the right thing. Disobey rules and abandon government offices – it has to be a Civil Disobedience movement again now, until the government starts working for the people as it should do.

The last two One Day Internationals between India and England are dissolved and will not happen now.
Wikipedia has put an entry on Indian Terror Conditions.
The world is looking into Mumbai right now and everyone is focusing on the fact that the Britons and Americans were targeted in the hostage situation.
Huge sections of the architectural marvel – the Taj Mahal Heritage hotel is burnt.
The outrageous situation is still not under control and the operations are going on.

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