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Monday, November 3, 2008

Anil Kumble bids Goodbye to international cricket

Jumbo, as we all know him better has declared his inning and has retired from international cricket on Sunday at the Firoz Shah Kotla, New Delhi. A long career of 18 years came to an end on the last day of the 3rd Test Match between India and the awful Aussies, when Kumble bid goodbye. India has always managed to produce heavy weights in the department of spin bowling through the history of cricket. Anil Kumble is probably the best of the lot. He took 337 wickets in ODIs and a mammoth haul of 619 Test wickets during his career that started on August 9, 1990 against England and ended on November 2, 2008 against the awful Aussies.

A true team player and a strongly determined and hard working cricketer saw many ups and downs and criticism throughout his career; however, he came out with wondrous performances to seal the critics mouths every time. The reigning captain of the Indian Cricket Team was compared with all other huge names in spin bowling and has successfully created his own niche in the history of international cricket. He was always an integrated part of the Indian Test Team. The same people who criticized him for his performances in ODIs have seen him roar and hit back hard with better performances in ODIs. Who can forget his match winning 6/12 haul against the West Indies in the Hero Cup finals in 1994!

He wanted to be a fast bowler at the beginning of his career. His brother told him that spin bowling will be a better option as the-then Karnataka team was lacking a spin bowler in their team. The desperation and single mindedness to be in the state team coerced him to take to spin and after all these years, one can blindly say that he has spun well – hasn’t he? Probably his love for fast bowling made him the fastest spin bowler of all time. We are thankful to this brother of his. :)

I am sure one will be very interested and exited to have a look in to his career. The following links would take you to independent websites which has all the information in detail. Please use the same for more information (lol):

§ Anil Kumble.com
§ Anil Kumble: Statistics from CricInfo

I take this opportunity to thank Anil Kumble – the most loved Indian Cricketer overseas.

We have been thrilled by your game – be it your 10 wicket spell against the Pakistanis or be it your century in England. You have always entertained and elated us by your cricket. You have been the one most honored and followed cricketer. Your modesty and honesty were your strengths in your life off the ground whereas your consistency, endurance, hard work and focus were your strong points in your life on the ground.

As always, you have taken a very apt decision at a very good (if not the peak) point in your career. We welcome your decision. We will surely miss you and your googlies and flippers and so will be the cricketing world. Have a lovely life ahead and we wish you all luck in whatever you do in future. We are sure that you will continue to make us proud!

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