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Friday, October 31, 2008

Welcome the World Champion

The Tiger from Chennai, Viswanathan Anand has retained his World Chess Federation (FIDE) World Chess Championship title by pounding Russian Grand Master Vladimir Kramnik in a Championship match held in Bonn, Germany. What a sensational feeling! Three cheers to the World Champion!

Vishy won the title last year, when he won the FIDE World Championship held in Mexico in 2007. Kramnik was held the second position. Even after being second to Vishy, he commented in a rather treacherous way that he merely let Vishy to have the World Chess Title. Laugh out loud! What anguish! He made a deal with FIDE before playing in that tournament that if he loses the title in 2007 he would be given a chance to regain it by playing a Championship match with the winner in 2008. See the worry and fear he had even before starting of the tournament! He lost the tournament and the Championship Title to Vishy that time and it was his second chance to regain the title and he failed feebly – again.

This time, the one – on – one championship of a 12 – game match was scheduled to be held in Bonn in Germany, another neutral venue. Anand ridiculed Kramnik for the second time in a row beating him here, with 3 wins, 7 draws and only one (negligible) loss. The 12th game was not required to be played to settle on the World Champion. We are also thankful to his seconds, viz. Radoslav Wojtaszek from Poland, Rustam Kasimdzhanov from Uzbekistan, Peter Heine Nielsen from Denmark, and Surya Shekhar Ganguly from India. The last one is a five time Indian National Champ.

I still remember the welcome he got and the press conference he made after returning to India. Vishy was very much surprised to see the mass welcoming him in the airport and outside his house. He even mentioned that he thought only cricketers are welcomed in India, not other sportsmen. Hope he gets a much warmer reception this time – at least he has won the World Championship for the second time. Who else from India did it prior to him? None! Absolutely!

Join me in thanking and cheering the leader who has proved his mettle write from his childhood and International Master days. Well done Vishy, or should I say the World Champion! We are proud of you.

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