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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gilchrist questions Sachin! What a shame, Aussie...

Adam Gilchrist, the Australian Wicket keeper has stopped sledging from behind the wickets and have took the streets now, talking rubbish to attract attention and cause mental pressure on Indians during the ongoing Aussie Tour of India. He started shouting against the Best Boy and Gentlest Gentleman in the Game - Sachin Tendulkar - about (against) whom only his mother can talk! Adam has questioned Sachin's honesty and his stance during the Harbhajan - Symonds incident at the SCG s few months ago! It all started here ..
Gilchrist has played a lot of cricket with Sachin Tendulkar for a long time. He has seen Sachin thrashing Aussie bowlers out of the ground like this:
He has seen greats like McGrath and Warne getting lost into the crowd with severe Sachin blows like this one. It was a known sight for Gilchrist in any 'India - Australia' Series.
Even at this age, Sachin would easily play better of all Aussie bowlers - pace or spin - with equal perfection and wonder. Probably, Gilchrist does not have a big enough heart or pinch of Sportsman Spirit to digest all these.
And then, in the recent past, Tendulkar shined in almost all Test Matches against these Aussies.
He was seen in a punishing role in all the Test matches - whether at home or in their own den.
Smashing, flicking and sweeping the best of (so called) unbeatables. Gilchrist has seen it all standing behind the wickets. What a hard time he has spent behind the stumps - day in and day out!
The Pain was unbearable for him. He had to take revenge. Not many options were there with him. He has left playing - cannot do anything on the field. So, he decided to take this cowardly step - Off the field!
Its time that he should realize that he represents Australia when he talks, writes or signals (like his old senior, who has taken resort to spying, at last). He should realize whom he is speaking about. He should realize what his contribution to the game is and what the contribution of the man that he is speaking about is. At least once he should have asked himself, if he actually has the right to do what he is doing! He would see it clearly, that he is no way near to the stature of Sachin Tendulkar.

Adam Gilchrist was one of the (very) few Aussie men who are liked by the Indians. I am sure many (like me) have even compared him with Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar. So, such low-life act would not only blemish his image in the Indian minds (no other nation care about what Gilchrist or any other Tom, Dick and Harry speaks about) but also ruin the respect that India has for them (the Aussies). He was lucky enough to be able to shake hands with Sachin sometime - he should do the same now (However, Sachin should not let him come near at all). Adam should apologize immediately and put it in writing that he would never do such pusillanimous act again. I hope he is still in his senses - and has not lost it. Would request him to start working on the Apology letter right away and implement it before it gets too late. Shake Hands again and get lost, Adam!
Who cares, actually, if Gilchrist apologizes or not! The result has been foretold and is vivid. As always:
And the Diamond keep on shining!

The Elephant will not change his path because of the barking Dogs around him. He will always Kick them and move on. For this Elephant, though, his bat has been talking for last 20 years and his bat will talk forever!!

Click Here, for the details of the skirmish, as published in an Aussie newspaper.

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Karmasura Friday, December 12, 2008  

Kind of.. emotional sort of writing.. very gushing in sentimentality..

But I liked it! And as is the norm, I've blogged you as of now.

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