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Robert A Heinlein
(American science-fiction writer,1907-1988)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Welcome the World Champion

The Tiger from Chennai, Viswanathan Anand has retained his World Chess Federation (FIDE) World Chess Championship title by pounding Russian Grand Master Vladimir Kramnik in a Championship match held in Bonn, Germany. What a sensational feeling! Three cheers to the World Champion!

Vishy won the title last year, when he won the FIDE World Championship held in Mexico in 2007. Kramnik was held the second position. Even after being second to Vishy, he commented in a rather treacherous way that he merely let Vishy to have the World Chess Title. Laugh out loud! What anguish! He made a deal with FIDE before playing in that tournament that if he loses the title in 2007 he would be given a chance to regain it by playing a Championship match with the winner in 2008. See the worry and fear he had even before starting of the tournament! He lost the tournament and the Championship Title to Vishy that time and it was his second chance to regain the title and he failed feebly – again.

This time, the one – on – one championship of a 12 – game match was scheduled to be held in Bonn in Germany, another neutral venue. Anand ridiculed Kramnik for the second time in a row beating him here, with 3 wins, 7 draws and only one (negligible) loss. The 12th game was not required to be played to settle on the World Champion. We are also thankful to his seconds, viz. Radoslav Wojtaszek from Poland, Rustam Kasimdzhanov from Uzbekistan, Peter Heine Nielsen from Denmark, and Surya Shekhar Ganguly from India. The last one is a five time Indian National Champ.

I still remember the welcome he got and the press conference he made after returning to India. Vishy was very much surprised to see the mass welcoming him in the airport and outside his house. He even mentioned that he thought only cricketers are welcomed in India, not other sportsmen. Hope he gets a much warmer reception this time – at least he has won the World Championship for the second time. Who else from India did it prior to him? None! Absolutely!

Join me in thanking and cheering the leader who has proved his mettle write from his childhood and International Master days. Well done Vishy, or should I say the World Champion! We are proud of you.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Serial Blasts in Assam!!

Another series of blasts – now in Assam! Another part of India – another set of people died – another set of people got injured – all Indians! After blasts in Jaipur, Bangalore, Delhi and Agartala, today it was Guwahati, the gateway of the North East and a few other parts of Assam where there were serial blasts. Scores of people died and more than a hundred got injured.

  • Where are we heading to?
  • Will this ever stop?
  • Is the Government responsible?
  • What should we do?
  • What should the Government do?

These (and many more) are the questions in our minds now. Who is going to answer? It does not matter anymore if the responsible group is Huji, ISI, ULFA or ATTF or some other – what matters now is the condition of the country.

The Economy is down, along with the Global economy. The markets are falling like castles of cards. Companies from various sectors are firing people and people in masses are going jobless. There is no surety of. Prices of food, power, oil, LPG and everything else is going up. No one is having any answers to why all these are happening.

I’m not against any political party or any other organization; but I have a few questions to ask and I am searching for the ears who can hear me. I think we should stop fighting on ‘Gay Rights’ and shoot anti social leaders on the spot (without wasting any more time) and take out our precious time to think about national security and other issues. Who will take the responsibility? Who will answer my questions? If not the Government, whom do we go and ask these questions?

I am no leader – cannot take a call on anything that is happening around me. I have to think 1000 times before I could join a highly financed course in Florida, USA. I have to stay thousands of miles away from my home to earn money. I have to look up to my manager for my salary – for a better appraisal. I have to leave all my near and dear ones to marry the woman I love. I have to take permission from my wife before going out for a movie with my friends. I have to lie to the world, to smoke a cigarette. I do not have a say anywhere. All I want is a handsome salary at the end of the month so that I can run my family. I am a common man. However, I have a voice – want to shout it out to those ears that matter. This is high time we raise each of our individual voices and scream together – unless we want to see India go down on the slide on whose top we are standing now. Where would we go? Where do I go from here? What is safe for me – Bangalore or Jail?


Sunday, October 26, 2008

My New Digital Camera

Kodak EasyShare C813 Zoom Digital Camera!
After all these months of fight against desire, we have settled on buying Kodak EASYSHARE C813 Digital Camera. This is the one we chose depending upon two things, mainly: Cost Effective and Necessity.

We do not actually need a SLR or a DSLR Model – for our daily usage. We would like to take some picture which can show our face and the sceneries behind us. That would be enough.

The above thought told me that I need not go for a 50K Model and hence, I should spend as less as possible. The MRP of this Model is INR 8999/- I bought it for INR 5499/- from Big Bazaar, who gave me a Koryo 500 Watts Steam Iron absolutely free (worth Rs 499/-)!! Cost Effective!

So, you can expect a few more pictures in my Picasa Album. You may expect a few more pictures in my profile too or in this blog. Who knows, I may start taking historical pictures all over again! Let’s keep the fingers crossed and let’s hope best for my new friend.

Happy Diwali to all of you!!!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

End of the Internet!!

The End of the Internet

Congratulations! This is the last page.

Thank you for visiting the End of the Internet. There are no more links.

You must now turn off your computer and go do something productive.

Go read a book, for pete's sake.

What the hell is this?? You have any idea? Check this link. Kindly login with gmail ID if you are asked for one and see .. let me know what this is, if you find out ... (Njoy!!!)


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gilchrist questions Sachin! What a shame, Aussie...

Adam Gilchrist, the Australian Wicket keeper has stopped sledging from behind the wickets and have took the streets now, talking rubbish to attract attention and cause mental pressure on Indians during the ongoing Aussie Tour of India. He started shouting against the Best Boy and Gentlest Gentleman in the Game - Sachin Tendulkar - about (against) whom only his mother can talk! Adam has questioned Sachin's honesty and his stance during the Harbhajan - Symonds incident at the SCG s few months ago! It all started here ..
Gilchrist has played a lot of cricket with Sachin Tendulkar for a long time. He has seen Sachin thrashing Aussie bowlers out of the ground like this:
He has seen greats like McGrath and Warne getting lost into the crowd with severe Sachin blows like this one. It was a known sight for Gilchrist in any 'India - Australia' Series.
Even at this age, Sachin would easily play better of all Aussie bowlers - pace or spin - with equal perfection and wonder. Probably, Gilchrist does not have a big enough heart or pinch of Sportsman Spirit to digest all these.
And then, in the recent past, Tendulkar shined in almost all Test Matches against these Aussies.
He was seen in a punishing role in all the Test matches - whether at home or in their own den.
Smashing, flicking and sweeping the best of (so called) unbeatables. Gilchrist has seen it all standing behind the wickets. What a hard time he has spent behind the stumps - day in and day out!
The Pain was unbearable for him. He had to take revenge. Not many options were there with him. He has left playing - cannot do anything on the field. So, he decided to take this cowardly step - Off the field!
Its time that he should realize that he represents Australia when he talks, writes or signals (like his old senior, who has taken resort to spying, at last). He should realize whom he is speaking about. He should realize what his contribution to the game is and what the contribution of the man that he is speaking about is. At least once he should have asked himself, if he actually has the right to do what he is doing! He would see it clearly, that he is no way near to the stature of Sachin Tendulkar.

Adam Gilchrist was one of the (very) few Aussie men who are liked by the Indians. I am sure many (like me) have even compared him with Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar. So, such low-life act would not only blemish his image in the Indian minds (no other nation care about what Gilchrist or any other Tom, Dick and Harry speaks about) but also ruin the respect that India has for them (the Aussies). He was lucky enough to be able to shake hands with Sachin sometime - he should do the same now (However, Sachin should not let him come near at all). Adam should apologize immediately and put it in writing that he would never do such pusillanimous act again. I hope he is still in his senses - and has not lost it. Would request him to start working on the Apology letter right away and implement it before it gets too late. Shake Hands again and get lost, Adam!
Who cares, actually, if Gilchrist apologizes or not! The result has been foretold and is vivid. As always:
And the Diamond keep on shining!

The Elephant will not change his path because of the barking Dogs around him. He will always Kick them and move on. For this Elephant, though, his bat has been talking for last 20 years and his bat will talk forever!!

Click Here, for the details of the skirmish, as published in an Aussie newspaper.


Friday, October 17, 2008

What a day!

An eventful day – this one – October 17, 2008! Let us start from the start of the day. India and Australia face each other in the second test match of the tour. Anil Kumble, the birthday boy misses out due to shoulder injury and Mahendra Singh Dhoni takes charge as a captain. He wins the toss and India marches down to bat, in a batters heaven. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar becomes the highest run getter in Test Cricket surpassing Brian Charles Lara. He scores his 50th Test fifty and goes on to reach the 12000 run marks in Tests. He raises his bat thrice during the day. Sourav Chandidas Ganguly also gets to his own milestone of 7000 Test runs in his last ever international test cricket series. Had India given Babu Moshai* enough chances as they gave Chhota Babu*, the tally would have been no worse than that of the former.

*Sourav and Sachin call each other by these names.

The Sensex has fallen below the 10,000 mark; closes the day at 9975 – 606 points below the opening. Sensex has fallen below the 10,000 point mark for the first time in last 27 months! Its counterpart Nifty has fallen too through the same percentage and closed at 3046. This is not the bottom – that is what I hear the excerpts from the experts point to. Who knows what is there in the future! Nothing is safe here – not the road you travel on, nor the house you sleep and neither the money that you have. A few days like this, and people would enter your house and ask you for money that you have lost in the share market.

In between these fight between the Bull and the Bear and also between Lee and Sachin and the
Aussies and the Indians, I seem to get a bit of lucky. I have been writing this blog for a long time now – and never ever have I seen it being listed by Google – anywhere, for that matter. However, now, if you search with the name of my blog (Thus Spake Tan), you get my blog listed – right at the top! WOW! A dream comes true! A wonderful sight that was! I saved it and am putting it back here, for you to see…


Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Smoking

I wrote some time back, ‘A gentleman knows when to leave.’ That is so true that I am trying to change my life radically and I am leaving things that blemish my image – my persona – my mentality and my health and wellbeing. It was my birthday on 14th of this month. And I have decided to quit smoking once and for all. I have not been smoking all these days – only one or two – here and there. Now, it’s totally stopped. I said, TOTALLY!

Cigarette smoking is not a crime. But it is now punishable offence in India. Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss, the health minister has made a rule preventing the citizens from smoking in public places. You may not smoke in public. I heard that the owner of the building gets summoned if you are caught smoking in front of that building. This idea will surely not end in smoke.

I dislike the smell of smoke or the cigarette and felt uneasy while I smoked through these years. I never liked smoking myself – but somehow, got into it and continued, till October 14, 2008. Have not smoked from then – will not smoke ever.

I know I will leave some months less – may be some years; but quitting smoke will make sure that I do not decrease life any further. Got hold of a few funny one liners while searching for the pics. Here they are:

# It was 6 inches what brought you to life and it will take 4 inches to take it back! - Shashank Jha, IIM Indore
# It is easier to stay out than get out. - Mark Twain
# The only 'safer' cigarette is your last one. - Duane Alan Hahn
# You're always better off if you quit smoking; it's never too late. - Loni Anderson
# The best way to stop smoking is to just stop - no ifs, ands or butts. - Edith Zittler


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Serial Blasts in Agartala ...

What is going on guys? What is happening in my city, my state, my country, our country? There is news of bombs exploding every week now. Sometime in Delhi, sometime in Ahmadabad and most recently in my home town, Agartala! 6 bombs detonated in various parts of the city killing a couple and injuring almost around 200 people. Serial blast is not something we see every day in that part of the country. That was new and that was spine chilling as well as surprising. India is under attack – for an alarming time now!

Yesterday, when my wife gave me the news, I was in office. I was horrified to know about it. Within 5 minutes, I got the news from various sources, through SMS and officials IMs. I tried calling my home, as scores of others and was diverted to numbers in Kolkata, Mumbai and some other parts in India. I spoke to at least ten people before my father called me. I said, “Hello, Baba?” He said, “We are fine; don’t worry, don’t worry.” I got my breath back. He informed me whatever he knew. The bombs started blowing up at around 7:30 PM and kept on blowing one after the other. He as well as most of others in our family, were home that time. My Uncle (father’s younger brother) and his two sons were in the same market (GB Bazaar) where one bomb exploded. They were near that place – but were safe. My Aunty (Wife of my mother’s younger brother) was shopping along with her sisters, in the main market in Agartala (Kaman Choumuhani) when the blasts took place. They were helped by a car from a local newspaper office (Dainik Sambad) to get back home. All were safe.

But, many in Agartala were not! Many people saw the bombs blowing up one after the other, as they move across the city. Many more were injured. People were rushed to the Govind Ballabh Pant hospital. I will tell you, more than half the city did not sleep yesterday night. I am not sure, if they can sleep till Durga Puja gets over.

I was talking to my Uncle (Mother’s younger brother) while a bomb blasted somewhere. They heard it from their house. It is such a small place and all the points were crowded like anthills yesterday evening. They said there were low intensity blasts. Would they have been high intensity ones, you would have Agartala removed from the map altogether!
These are the various places where the blasts took place. Please Click here...
This is the time when Agartala is crowded. This is one of the few days that such big haul of people take the roads, in the city. October 1, 2008 – everybody got their salaries and some got Durga Puja Bonus also. It was the eve of Eid – Ramzan time! Whole of Tripura was waiting for this date and when it came they dived on the roads to shop. People from all around the state must have poured in to shop for the forthcoming Durga Puja and Eid. The rascals chose the absolute day and the precise places to setup the blasts. It worked – people were killed, injured and the whole state panicked – if not the whole country. It was disturbing for Tripuris outside Tripura, shocking for those who were there and have heard about it and devastating for others – who got involved unintentionally.

Role of Media:
I know the media is the lifeline of flow of news across the globe and I love the same. Wanted to be a part of it sometime, but that is a totally different story. I was not happy with the role played by media in this incident. I am not sure what local media in Agartala has done. But, what national news channels did was not at all impressive and was rather disappointing.

There was no power in our house, here in Bangalore. My wife was there, but she could not watch the TV until power came back at around 9:45 – 10:00 PM. She switched on the TV and was going through the news channels. There was absolute silence! Nobody talked about it. A few channels had the news in the lowest but one rolling news strips. Only a few lines! There were no other news – no details in any of those freaking news channels which went on shouting for days when bombs blasted in Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Jaipur and Delhi! Why were they taking the narrow and hushed road while it came to Tripura? Was this because it is in North-East, which they merely consider to be a part of India? Or was it because they had more important news to be shown?

Yes, undoubtedly, they had. They were showing release of Drona – the film. They were showing news on Narendra Modi – what he had to say on his degree of corruptness. They were showing the list of Indian players selected for the forthcoming Indo-Australian test match series. Saurav Ganguli took the center stage as he got his position back in the team. This was the news shown after merely 2 and half hours of serial blasts in Agartala. Thanks for that news strip in the lower band on the screen. I still see the name of the state there. Thanks Media!

And what are our ministers doing, when the whole country is burning and is under unveiled threats? The most important matter in recent times is being discussed. Cabinet ministers are fighting over enabling Gay Rights in India. How appropriately!

Did you see the newspapers today? Well, I do not get paper versions. I saw a few in the office though. Rest, I was seeing on the internet, when I found that most respectfully, they have put up a small inch long column about the blasts in Agartala. Thank you guys, for considering us! I am not talking of small 1000-copies-a-day newspaper. I am talking about the market leaders in providing news in India. This is how they are doing what they are doing!! Look into the following screenshots.

My question:
The question in my mind is straight forward. It is the same question in anyone else’s mind – provided s/he is a responsible Indian citizen. We are clear about the strategy followed by the terrorists. Every time, when a blast happens somewhere, we can find out the pattern and strategy within minutes. So, what is the strategy of the government now? How are we supposed to face or react on this? I still remember Naseeruddin Shah telling in (the film) A Wednesday: We are happy that our family and our friends were safe in the last blast and we thank God that we missed the train and we are still alive.

Does the government want me to be happy thinking that I am still able to write my blog? Will they ‘eventually’ take any action or will they alternatively continue to support and to disagree with Gay Rights to Indian citizen? Do you think we are in a mood to think if we have homosexual desires in us?


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