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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lemonade Stand - Online Game

Lemonade or निम्बू पानी as we know it, is a treat in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Jaipur and other hot cities in India. It is equally good in other parts of the world. Now, I came across a game online which deals with making and selling Lemonades and growing a business. Its like a personal stall in the neighborhood and trying to make it big! I am sure you will like it – it involves planning and implementation – two very important sides of Sales & Marketing Business. I am so impressed with this game, that I should be suggesting this for all the big business schools around the world. Hats off to the people who created this game! Read below for the links and instructions on this game:

Do you like Advertising? Then you should try this version of Lemonade Stand. Read the rules properly, before you start business. It is a bit different from the other versions I came across.
Not Happy? Still No? Ok, download the Game and Play it offline. You may try with this link. The name of this variant is Lemonade Tycoon. (Versions may vary!)

Lemonade Stand Introduction (First two Links)
Hi, and welcome to Lemonade Stand! Your goal in this game will be to make as much money as you can within 30 days. To do this, you've decided to open your own business -- a Lemonade Stand! You'll have complete control over almost every part of your business, including pricing, quality control, inventory control, and purchasing supplies. You'll also have to deal with the weather, which can be unpredictable. Unfortunately, the weather will play a big part when customers are deciding whether or not to buy your product.

Other factors which will make or break your business is the price you charge. Customers are more apt to pay higher prices when the product (your lemonade) is more in demand - When the weather is hotter. As the temperature drops, and the weather turns bad (overcast, cloudy, rain), don't expect them to pay nearly what they would on a hot, hazy day.

The other major factor which comes into play is your customer's satisfaction. As you sell your product, people will decide whether or not they like it, and how much they like or dislike it. As time goes on, they'll start to tell their friends, neighbors, and relatives (hence, your 'popularity'). Sell a good product for a good price, and you'll build business over time; overcharge for inferior products, and you'll be out of business sooner than you'd think. Another more direct form of customer satisfaction affecting sales takes place directly at the stand. As customers buy your product, you'll see some tell you what they think by the bubbles over their heads. If customers are enjoying their product, others are more likely to buy. If they're expressing their dissatisfaction, other customers are more likely to take their business elsewhere.

If you'd like more hints and tips on running a successful lemonade stand, be sure to visit the author's homepage! =)

My Suggestions:

Play the online game for a couple of times, before you get accustomed to it. Try to find out the relation between a Pitcher and Cup. Also, keep in mind the amount of Sugar / Lemon that goes in to a cup. Do not have a high inventory. You may lose them in the course of the game. There are many versions of the same game, from many authors and vendors. I have listed a few. If you want more, please search on Google. Happy Squeezing Lemonades!

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