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Friday, February 29, 2008

Travian - Online Strategic Game!

Last two weeks, I was busy with an online game that I came to know lately. I am not very much into these online games, you know but was fascinated by the very thought of it. Alas, the thought never occurred to me earlier! Else, I would have searched for the same myself. Anyways, the one I am talking about is a Strategic Game and people who have played Age of Empires, Stronghold Heaven etc. would surely find it interesting and fascinating. It is the same old story – accumulating resources, developing one, training an army and attacking the others. Only difference is that here you play against humans and unlike a game on the LAN, you play it in real time and against hundreds of unknown gamers worldwide. One can say that this is the tone of an online multiplayer game, what so fascinating about it? Well, the fascinating part is that there are many players playing simultaneously in a virtual world of their own with their own resources and strategies. Moreover, the slow speed (real time) of the game invokes more of genuineness in the game.

The game is called
Travian. Two of my seniors (from my Graduation College) showed me the way into the game and I have been playing since then. To start with, I would suggest you to read through the instructions and try to grasp as much as you can. Please go through the Tutorial of the game; trust me it has some useful information. The FAQs would also help you a lot. Give it a few hours – if not a day time – so that you can read and the info can settle down in your mind before you actually start the game. However, the in game learning would be the best way to learn. The tutorial can help you start the game.

To start with you need to choose a Server (there are presently 7 Servers) and a region in the server (NE, NW, SE, SW etc.) Select the Server and the region carefully and make a note of it. Remember, at a later stage people form alliances with each other and so make sure that your friends also register in the same Server (otherwise you can not communicate with each other) and in the same Zone (else time taken to send or receive help in the form of army and / or resources will be much more). Now, you need to choose a Tribe out of the three available ones. Each tribe is different from each other and differs in their ability and features. Choose wisely. (I would recommend Romans for a Rookie) Once you have chosen the Server, Zone and Tribe – you are all set … keep an eye on the message Icon in the top right hand side. Those messages are important.

Well, now that you are ready to set foot in to the world of Travian, you need to know where I am in the same world. I have a few accounts, to tell you the truth and they are in the Servers 1 and 5. However, all of them are in North-East Zone. Best of luck buddies! Hope to see you there sometime.

NOTE: Logout or Close the Browser window when you stop. This will keep you in the Game and will not stop the job that you are pursuing. The game will continue to do as ordered and the server will keep you logged in. Remember it is a real time game and it means 40 mins when it shows 40 mins time required.

CAUTION: I can not take responsibility if you get addicted to this!

For more information visit www.travian.com

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