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Robert A Heinlein
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Suspect No. 117 - Prisoner No. C-15170

Sanjay Dutt aka Munnabhai of Bollywood is now known either as Suspect Number 117 by the court of law or Prisoner Number C-15170 in Pune’s Yerwada Jail where he was shifted and was expected to stay there for six years. As the long awaited trial into the bombings in Mumbai in 1993 that claimed the lives of 257 people finished, Sanjay was sentenced six years of imprisonment. A hero in his real life, as Sanjay was better known to be, was to undergo a trial under the TADA for fourteen long years and was finally held guilty of carrying arms and supporting the terrorists in their mission.

The actor has achieved feats in the field of Indian cinema and has done a lot for the people of the country - both financially and emotionally supporting them throughout his life. He has been constantly under the scanner for one fault or the other, which most of the people involved believe to be fake accusations. Having lost his mother in his early youth, Sanjay was all along with his father, late Sunil Dutt and is known to have walked on his father's path. His youth was not the ideal one and was full of troubles; however he has been adding gold to the world of cinema in the past few decades. His films are mostly based on social evils, carrying a humble message of peace, shown through a medium of tough facts. His films have always left questions in the minds of the viewers about the ongoing social systems and the cause and evolution of Bhaigiri in particular. In a recent movie, he has transformed this image of his in to a sociable, adorable, humble person winning hearts and battles doing Gandhigiri - spreading the vision of Mahatma Gandhi all around. He has done some immortal roles and some prolific roles from the underworld and could never come out of this image, apart from a few comedy films. People do not like their Munnabhai to be a dedicated lover but would die to see him being the biggest Don ever!

Luckily for Sanjay and his huge galaxies of fans, he has been released on bail for some time now. People are very happy to have him back, but they know that he has to go back in quick time. God only can tell when he is going to come out of the jail and start doing what he does best - acting in movies. We can only pray to Him and ask Him to give Sanjay as short and happy a stay as possible, for we do not want our Munnabhai to be in the jail and crafting chairs and tables, rather we would love to see him firing at the underworld and spreading his Gandhigiri all around.

We love you Sanjay and we want your happiness and prosperity in whatever you do.

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