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Robert A Heinlein
(American science-fiction writer,1907-1988)

Friday, August 31, 2007

The Need of the hour is Exercise

The increase in usage of Salwar Kamiz and Kurta Pajama in IT Offices clearly indicates to only one thing - the tummy is bulging out! Prolong sittings in the AC offices and cabs carrying one to and fro from house to office leave 'em with a very little opportunity for moving their bodies around. The lack of workout and unhealthy eating habits has made the IT crew big, bulging fatty group – a group who can easily be pointed out and recognized in the crowd. To keep a balance between the global timings, in the most common cases, the timings are odd and change every two or three months; a few software companies are exceptions though.

Some of the Companies are trying to encourage their employees to join Gym and workout on a regular basis; however a majority of the companies seem not to see the obviously visible. It should be a constant endeavor of all the companies – nationals and multinationals to keep an active eye on the health of their employees. Most of the diseases experienced by the IT crew are obesity and malnutrition borne diseases which are taking the bulk of the youth towards an unsanitary future. When people are running left, right and center to earn more and more money they are spending more and more time sitting in the office or in front of their computers, which again is harmful in all aspects. The more time they spend only doing mental exercise and no physical work, the more are they getting unfit and prone to diseases. Since the time devoted to work can not be reduced, a few hours can be dedicated to exercise also. The food habits are to be restricted and maintained. There should be a balance in all these – health is wealth, they say.

All over the world there is a special focus on employee health and physic. Some of the governments have declared it unsafe to have unhealthy employees and have made workout mandatory cutting short the duty hours. As long as these PSUs and MNCs are not putting in effort to make sure that the employees come to office in a health mind and body, it’s not going to be a great place to work (GPTW) for the employees also while negotiating with the enormous stress that encircles them in and out of the office. A lot of the calories need to be burnt and burnt in quick time. Since the employer is putting a deaf ear to this, let the employees take initiative this time and have those fatty deposits run down the sweat – before it gets too late.

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