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Robert A Heinlein
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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore

IIPM-B is the place where I have spent 15 most memorable months of my life. It was a phase which I can (and would) never forget through the rest of my life. I don’t know if this is the right place to discuss about it, but I’m sure that I can express my feelings about IIPM here freely.

It was an accident that I got a chance in IIPM-B. I had applied for the test but could not make it to the examination as dates were overlapping with my final exams in college (NERIST). So, I left hope for that. After finishing my final exams, when I reached home I was shocked when I saw my father (Baba) admitted in hospital having had a heart-attack. I was not told anything about the same. He needed bypass surgery and we had to come to Bangalore for his treatment. So, Mother (Maa) and I, along with Baba came to Bangalore and had the surgery done. After that, when Baba was recovering, we had to stay back in Bangalore for a month.

During that time, a letter went from IIPM-B to my college and was directed to my house. I came to know that they have called me for the interview to be held in campus. The news came to me on the very day when the interview was to happen, but time was past. I called them and told them the situation. I was honored to be able to speak to the then Director, Dr. Subhash Sharma. He gave me another date, a couple of days before I and my parents were to leave Bangalore.

I went for the interview and was late. I had to travel from Narayan Hrudayalaya to Malathahalli in bus (changing 2 buses); the later one - I had to stand all the way. Fortunately I was allowed to enter for the ongoing batch for Group Discussion. Vivek and Ashish were sitting on my either sides. (Later, 15 people from that group were selected for the program.) GD was followed by a CBOT (Computer Based Objective Test – since I missed the actual test; I and Payal were there in the test) and Personal Interview. Both rounds were fine – excellent, actually. I came back, the next day being the last selection day, I was acknowledged that I have cleared all three rounds and can join within a 15 days period. I was – you know - all over the moon. Finally it was a Post Graduation program where I was going to be enrolled in. It was a great dream – come – true for me.

We went back home after that. I remember, I stayed only for about 10 days in home and had to come back to join the course. It was a nice turning point in the road I was moving in life which made way for me to a world, where I got a glimpse of almost everything I need to know to stand tough in life.
For more information about the Institute, please visit the official web site: http://iipmb.edu.in/
(To be continued…)

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Manas Saturday, July 07, 2007  

You can't change the Destiny...dude!!!
Khub bhalo...chaliye jaao

Tanmoy Das Wednesday, July 30, 2008  

Realy great...but why so short?We want to know more?
please continue....
We are waiting.

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