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Friday, May 25, 2007

Sourav Ganguly - the Phenomenon

Sourav Chandidas Ganguly...

He is too Huge to be accommodate in this Blog, and I'm too tiny to comment on Him. I am taking this privilege only because I am a great fan of Him, and with that relation, I am sure I have the right to talk about our “Dada.”

Sourav (I am not spelling this way because I am a Bengali; this is because his name is Sourav. However, at times, in many places, this is spelt as Saurav which has been accepted widely too), has been the leading Indian Cricketer and has been exiting the viewers with his batting which is the perfect blend of elegance and power. He has all the traditional style that goes with left handed batsmen all over the world. The way in which he steps out and pounces on a left arm spinner (like a Royal Bengal Tiger pouncing on an unfortunate prey) is something, worth walking 50 miles. He is undoubtedly the most aggressive Captain India has ever had and has emerged as one of the key components of the Indian team throughout the last couple of decades. He has taken Team India from the ruins in mid nineties to the World Cup finals in 2003, when we all know what the potential of the Indian Cricket Team was. Sourav lead the team well but could not find the better of Ricky, Adam and Shane.

All of these are well known. Everyone has seen and heard what Sourav has got back for all that, what he has done for the Indian Cricket Team. It was his honor to play for India and becoming the spinal chord of the skeleton was a boon which none of us can deny. However, it was sheer ability and leadership to make a paddle boat go around the world. Yes, Dada has lead the Cricket team to the top, where greats like Gavaskar, Azaharuddin, Sachin and many more could not. (Kapil did that, he had to, because he was the all round entertainer and the ‘best cricketer’ India ever had.) Discussing about the feats achieved by Sourav as a leader and by the team during his tenure is bore and pointless, for you reading this is well aware of the same.

I want to attract you to the situation he is in at present. He has been rested (read excluded) from the ODI team. Was given (read allowed) a place in the Test team where he came out all colors with a brilliant century. Sachin did the same but from all directions, Dada got the applause, for people know who needed and deserved it more. Even the Bangladeshis have appreciated the Inning, Dada played in Chittagong that day. He has always led from the front and directed people to fame. He has helped likes of Bhajji and Yuvi to come to the limelight and get known by their pet names. He stood by the side of the ever wilting Dravid, when he was about to be thrown out of the side. He kept his faith on Dinesh and played him in all matches in the World Cup in spite of all round retaliations.

After doing all these and all what has been kept unsaid, Sourav could never win hearts within the Team. No one supported him at any point of his career. The voices which were raised for him were suppressed with bully ideas and rules from the so called Control authority. At present, he is being neglected by the team as if he is not there … as if he never was there. People don’t share dinners or team tactics with him anymore. He is never consulted even for on field decisions. Even the team bus to practice sessions goes without Sourav. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Yea, but this is what is happening with him now. This has not attracted any of the authorities and no one has taken responsibility for these narrow minded acts. Its time we stand beside our Dada. Its time we raise our voice for him. These may be the last days of the Tiger in the team; he should not be left alone.

Please join me, in raising a voice for the ongoing autocracy in the Indian Cricket Team and make it a point to all those who (man)handles law for cricket that Sourav deserves a royal treatment. He might be in his slog overs, but should have enough backing so as to power end his inning. This is happening to him now, who can guaranty if this will not happen with Sachin or Dravid in the coming time. Come, join hands and give Dada a salutation which he deserves and wants badly at present. We are not going to let him down anyhow.


Long Live Dada!!

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